Your Summer Suit...3/2 or 2/2?

Time to answer that age old question...What wetsuit to wear during Summer in new Zealand, or anywhere!

Ok, it's not an age old question, and we don't even have a definitive answer, but we have loads of options for the summer surf season in New Zealand, or wherever you are in the world!

We will try to break this down for you into summer seam variations and sealed seam variations. Starting with...

Summer Seam Wetsuits 

Siren, Viper and Max

Let's start with our Siren 3/2 and Viper 3/2

Siren for the women, Viper for the men. 

  • Both available in Chest Zip and Back Zip
  • Both constructed with Superstretch arms and upper torso giving you awesome flexibility where you need it, while the bottom half is constructed with our most durable and hard-working neoprene.
  • Both constructed with 3mm body and 2mm arms/legs and put together with breathable Flatlocked seams (pictured) which are perfect for spring, summer, and autumn waters.
  • Both available in combinations of full length suit, men's long arm spring suit, and men's spring suit (back zip only)
  • Siren (women's) spring suit here. Siren (women's) long arm spring suit here.

The Max Summer Seam Wetsuits

Thickness Availability - 3/2, 2/2 and 1.5mm
How does the Max differ from the Siren and Viper 3/2?

The Max is the ultimate in lightness and flexibility for the highest-performing and most comfortable wetsuit you will ever wear. Both Female and Male variations are constructed entirely from our superstretch neoprene offering unreal movement and warmth.

  • Both still put together with our flatlocked breathable seams as above. 
  • Both though come with 3MM Kevlar Knee Pads -Durable, flexible and ergonomically designed to fit the bend and shape of the knee (full length suits only)
  • Both available in short leg long arm combinations. Female and Male variations here

Personally I use a short leg 1.5mm wetsuit for the summer months, but I don't feel the cold too much.

Sealed Seam Summer Suits

Thickness Availability - 3/2, 2/2 and 1.5mm

We reckon that our sealed 2/2 and 1.5 mm Max suit is perfect for Summer. It offers warmth, comfort and sun protection.

The seam is glued, double blind stitched and sealed, offering a more watertight join, letting less water in and keeping you even warmer. 

We have a number of customers now enjoying their 2/2s in the summer. We can also offer the 2/2s with a zirconium lining, for crazy warmth. 

Available in chest zip, back zip, full length, shorty, short arm long leg, and long arm short leg


Phew! So that's it, I think, oh yeah, and totally available for customization for the ultimate it summer yet?

3/2 Sealed Women's Max

2/2 Sealed Women's Max

3/2 Sealed Men's Max

2/2 Sealed Men's Max

 See you out there!