During the 36 years that we've been manufacturing new wetsuits, we have also repaired thousands of wetsuits to ensure our landfills are not filling up unnecessarily.

We repair all brands of wetsuits for all kinds of problems. "Fin cuts, reef grazes, dog bites, heater burns, and the good old washing machine/dryer damage!" You name it, we've seen it! 

Unfortunately with some new technologies in fabrics and construction (e.g. liquid seams) there are some wetsuits we can no longer repair which is why we ask you to send us some pictures first. If we can't fix it, you will need to pay for the return freight so you are better off to ask first.

We do not repair Dry suits or Waders and we do not make alterations to other brands.

We do offer a priority service for our Seventhwave Customers as a thank you for supporting NZ made!

How to get your wetsuit repaired:

  1. Contact us with images of the repair to ensure we can complete the repair before you send it. info@seventhwave.co.nz
  2. Print and complete the "Wetsuit Repair Form"(so we know whose suit it is and what needs fixing)
  3. Ensure your wetsuit is clean and dry. 
  4. Carefully fold and pack your wetsuit and pop the wetsuit repair form in the parcel/courier bag
  5. We will assess and confirm with you via email or text.
  6. Once we have received payment, we will complete the repairs and deliver back to you. (payment can be made by credit card over the phone or direct credit)

Please note: If your wetsuit turns up wet, sandy or it really stinks we cannot repair it like that and will charge a $50 cleaning fee so please take a moment to ensure your wetsuit is clean and dry.

Dependent on the time of year the repair time can vary from 1 week to 3 weeks. During the crazy Christmas period, we ask that if you need your suit before Christmas try to get it to us before December 5th.