Layers for the Winter and the Tropics...

Winter suit sprung a leak? Or not quite cutting the mustard?...We have the solutions. 

Winter Layers for Under and Over

Kidney Belts - offering warmth and support to keep the shivers away...

Zirconium Layers - super toasty and comfy, this will keep you warm as toast right through the winter








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Wear one of these super popular vests over your suit, to keep the water out and the warmth in! - take a look

For the Feet

Bored of smelly damp booties? These Sox are warmer, and dryer...

Learn about our Sox here

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For Your Head

Hoods of all shapes and sizes

Keep the Brain warm

Hybrid Layers, for the Cold or the Warm

A rashy with a difference - part rash vest, part neoprene - perfect for winter layers or tropical sun protection. 

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For under your wetty or under  a tee - super versatile and warm.