Winter is Coming - Which Wetsuit?

Old Man Winter is making his way merrily down the road, whistling his happy tune, preparing to freeze us all for a few months, our souls are yours?!

Winter suit options - baffling at times; How thick? Will I need a hood? Will I be warm enough? Will I be too warm?  Allow us to explain the choices.

Women's and Men's winter suits

We reckon our 3/3 and 4/3 thickness suits are more than warm enough to get you through the winter, our Japanese Yamamoto neoprene has more air in it than standard neoprene, meaning it absorbs less water, is lighter weight, and dries way quicker.

We have a few options to go through. 


The Max Ultra -  our best selling winter suit, available in chest zip, back zip and with an interchangeable hood.

What's an interchangeable hood? 

The 4/3mm and 3/3mm Max is the ultimate in warmth and flexibility for the highest performing and most comfortable wetsuit you will ever wear. 

Constructed entirely from our super stretch neoprene.

Lined with plush Zirconium making this the Ultra in heat-retaining suits.

Fully glued seams, blind stitched and taped meaning an almost completely watertight seal

Take a look - Women's

Take a look - Men's

The Max - the same construction and options as the Max Ultra, but without the zirconium lining. 


The Enduro - available in chest zip, back zip and with an interchangeable hood, with or without the zirconium lining.

Our NZ made 4/3 and 3/3 Enduro winter wetsuit features a combination of our superior Japanese Limestone neoprene's -  Super stretch material through the arms and shoulders to give you awesome flexibility. And our harder wearing neoprene in the legs. Ideal for wind sports athletes who use legs to climb on and off their craft.

The torso panels can be constructed from our plush zirconium over a titanium lining, providing exceptional warmth. If you are looking for durability and warmth this is your go to wetsuit. A little less stretch than the Max but the Enduro will last the distance.

Fully glued, fully taped on the inside and blind stitched on the outside keeping as much water out as possible.



Ok, so your winter water isn't so cold, not cold enough to warrant a 3/3 or a 4/3 anyway. What options do we have?

Max 3/2 or 2/2 sealed "summer suit"

Ideal for North Island winter waters, and Australian winter waters.

My personal favourite...Constructed from our Super stretch, titanium lined neoprene, glued, stitched and sealed, and absolutely ideal for cooler waters when a true summer steamer just won't cut it. Available in chest zip and back zip.

Stitched, glued and sealed to keep the maximum amount of water out as possible, and available to be constructed with a plush zirconium lining for added warmth through the torso. 

Super warm, ultra flexible, less bulk, what's not to love? 

Take a look here

So that's it for winter wetsuits no matter where you are in the world. 

Designed, tested and made here on the South Island of New Zealand. Built to last.