Custom-Fit Wetsuits - Made To Your Measurements

We've found approximately a third of people don't fit a standard sized wetsuit, so if you want the best fit, maximum warmth and top performance then our Custom fit wetsuit option is it. Custom fit can be applied to most of our wetsuit models for all kinds of conditions, they are hand-crafted on site, and made to your measurements.

Why do I need a custom-fit?

A wetsuit is an integral part in the quiver of every water sport enthusiast. A correctly fitted wetsuit insulates and protects the wearer from cold water, wind and abrasion. An ill-fitting wetsuit will lower your core body temperature and be very uncomfortable to wear for long. If too big or loose in any areas, (ie.arms, neck, torso, legs) you will get water flushing through the suit and chaffing occurring around the areas where there is extra rubber. If too small or tight in any areas, especially torso length, you will get pressure points and extra stress areas on seams and panels, the wetsuit will not be as flexible and maybe harder to move in.

With most other brands your only option is a standard size.

A Seventhwave wetsuit Custom-Fit to your 22 unique measurements is the most comfortable and warmest wetsuit you will ever own. After you complete the custom order form with your 22 measurements, these are analyzed by our wetsuit specialists to establish your correct fitting size and adjustments are made where required. It takes approximately 14 days to complete production.

3 steps to get your custom-fit wetsuit

1 tiny Choose the model and style you like. You need to consider water temperatures in your area (such as changing conditions), the activities you're into, winter or summer (breathable seams versus sealed seams) and any other personal preferences. If you are  unsure which model is best, we are just a phone call or email away to help guide you. 


2 tiny Complete your order online. Choose your closest size option and also select Custom. Add to Cart and when finished go to the shopping cart and complete the online order process. You will receive an automated email confirming your order. 
3 tiny

Complete Custom-Fit form. Download the Custom-Fit order form below, watch our 'How to measure up' video, then complete the form with your measurements and details. To complete the measurements accurately please do not measure yourself, you will need a friend to help you. 

Please also include 2 photo's of yourself. Just in boardies or a swim suit. One on the side and one facing the camera. This helps the Custom Fit Specialist identify if a measurement seems a bit out.

Then email your completed form and pictures to us at If you have any questions please call us on +64 3 3847878. 


That's it! Once you send it to us, we will check your order and advise you if there's anything that needs confirmation. Then we will get your wetsuit into production in our New Zealand workshop— allow approximately 14 days before we dispatch your order. You will receive an email to let you know that it's on the way. Your order is tracked & traced until it reaches you.

How to measure up for a custom-fit

This quick instructional video shows you how to measure up for a custom made suit, so that we can get all your measurements required for that perfect fit.

MAX custom wetsuit from start to finish