completing the Custom-Fit form

What you need

1. Download and print our Custom-Fit form.

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2. A cloth tape measure usually 150cm long. Available from most supermarkets for a couple of dollars.

3. A friend to take your measurements. Do not measure yourself, this leads to incorrect measurements.

4. A camera or a smartphone with a good camera.


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Doing the measure up with a friend is literally a 5 minute process.
The measure up process
Start with the head measurement and work down. Keep the tape tight and measure to the nearest cm.

Head: At eyebrow level
Neck: At widest point (Adam's apple)

Bicep: Relaxed with your arm out, around the widest point. (halfway between your elbow and shoulder)
Forearm: Relaxed around the widest point.
Wrist: Around narrowest point.
Arm length: Measure from the base of neck to wrist arm out and arm down. (there should be 10-15cm difference between out and down)

Chest: Widest point. (relaxed, mid breath)
Waist: (measure at belly button)
Hips: (low waist, around your bum, widest point).
Body: This is the trickiest to take and is often measured wrongly.
From front hollow of neck, down under your crutch and right up your back to where your neck joins your shoulders. This measurement should be somewhere between 140cm and 180cm.
Around torso and arms 5cm down from shoulders: Relaxed with arms by your side.

Thigh. The widest point of the thigh, high up.
Above Knee: Measure the circumference above your kneecap.
Below Knee: The narrowest point below your kneecap.
Calf: Widest point.
Ankle: Narrowest point.

Inside leg. From the highest point of the inside leg to your ankle bone.
Top of knee cap to ankle bone: Measure from the top of your kneecap.

Take your height and weight measurement, note them on the form along with your age.

You can watch a short video on 'How to measure up for a custom wetsuit" [here]

 Complete the Custom-Fit form

Complete the first section of the Custom-Fit form with your name and previous wetsuit history, your water activity and the references to your clothing and wetsuit requirements. The more information you give us the easier it is for us to do what you want and what is best for you.

Answer all the questions as best you can.

What standard size wetsuit/clothing do you fit best? Include both wetsuit and clothes. Often people fit different sized tops and bottoms large tops medium pants.

Comments about standard size/fit: If you usually have problems with certain areas of your suit include them in here. Eg: "wetsuits are always too tight in my chest and tummy and too loose in my legs."

What firmness of fit would you like? Out of three options: Tight, Firm (recommended) or loose (will not provide the best seal)
Remember, "the firmer the fit, the warmer the suit".

Example Custom-Fit form
Take your photo

We require a photo of you to show us your body shape and outline. Preferably in minimal or firm fitting clothing, a swimsuit or your current wetsuit.
We need to clearly see your body shape and outline. We use this to assess your body shape and check any measurements that may appear incorrect.

You can use a high quality cell phone to take these photos.

Two photos are best. Front view and side view as per the example below.

If you don't have a friend to take the photos, just do it yourself in front of a full length mirror.

Body Shape Example2
Email us
Now you have completed all the information required to get your Custom-Fit wetsuit. You need to email us your Custom-Fit form and photos to info@seventhwave.co.nz

If you don't have a scanner just take a photo of the completed Custom-Fit form and email the form and photos to info@seventhwave.co.nz.

If you have already ordered your wetsuit you will have received an automatic reply from us. Just reply to the email and attach your form and photos.

If you haven't ordered yet. No problem. You need to tell us what model and thickness you are interested in so we can assess your measurements and then advise you what benefits you would receive from a Custom-Fit.

Contact us at info@seventhwave.co.nz if you have any problems.
Photo of Photo
Waiting for your wetsuit

Now that you have sent your details off, for some, the waiting is the hardest part. The excitement and expectation levels are so high, every day that goes past gets more unbearable in your old worn out wetsuit. Then you see the surf report and you finally give in to the temptation and just have to know 'how your order is' and if it will be long.

Email us and we will tell you but normally it takes us the full 10 days production to turn your order around. Especially if it's a sealed, G&S model. If you have an important date that you do need it by let us know as soon as possible and we'll let you know what we can do.

Magic has been known to happen.

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