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Up to 70% off selected clearance stock! Older models and Factory Samples. PLENTY MORE IN STORE

Like good kiwis we've have been innovating, this means we now need to clear out older styles to make way for new styles. It also means we have factory samples to clear out of the shop and into the water.
Standard sizes, ex-customs, men's and women's, old logos/styles, samples and prototypes. Limited sizes and limited colours. Scroll down for a list of some of the items.
If you see something you would like to buy Flick us an email info@seventhwave.co.nz or give us a bell 03 3847878 and we will get it sorted for you. 
No trade ins, gift vouchers or other offers on clearance sale items.
How to Order

If you are interested in an item that you can see listed below, please email us at info@seventhwave.co.nz with the details of the item and your contact info. Or give us a bell on 03 3847878
We'll reply with payment details.

Or click here to go to our clearance products and purchase through the website.

If you require it to be shipped there is a $10 charge NZ wide. If you require it to be shipped internationally please ask for a quote by emailing us at info@seventhwave.co.nz
Sale Terms and Conditions

No trade-ins, prize vouchers or other offers on clearance items.

Sale Conditions/Returns Policy
  • Clearance and sale items are not returnable. Choose carefully before you buy.
  • A 12-month Warranty applies to all new products.
  • NO warranty is available on Trade In's.
  • Any Items requiring alterations will be charged accordingly. - Only minor alterations can be completed; eg: shortening ankle and wrist length - we cannot alter the width, torso length or any other major area

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Youth Size Retail Sale Price Colour
We have heaps of youth trade in's so come in and see us or email us for sizes and colours.      
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Men's Dive Size Retail Sale Price Colour
Dive Hooded Jacket 3mm N2 M $360 $220 Black                X3
Dive Hooded Jacket 3mm N2 M $360 $220 Black
Dive Jacket 5mm Techno Plush M $380 $250 Black
Dive Long John 3mm N2 M $360 $280 Black
Dive Long John 5mm Techno Plush M $440 $320 Black
Dive Long John 5mm Techno Plush L $440 $320 Black
Dive Jacket 7mm XL     Black
Dive Long John 5mm N2 XL $400 $300 Black
MEN'S WETSUITS - Flatlocked wetsuits        
Max 2/2 Back Zip Spring Suit Small $359 $249 Silver/Black
Max 1.5mm Chest Zip FL Spring M $359 $279 Blue
Viper 3/2 LS BZ Spring Small Custom $359 $239 Black
Long John with Fly Zip - sample Large Custom $354 $299 Black/Red
Max 1.5mm Short sleeve FL Chest Zip Steamer 2XL $489 $379 Black/Blue/Grey Camo (lower legs)
Sealed Seam suits        
Max 2/2 Zip Bib GS Steamer LL $789 $630 Black/Charcoal
Max 3/2 Zirconium Steamer, G&S, Zip-Bib, Has had a small custom alteration - New 2XL $809 $659 Black body and thighs/Blue arms/ Red shoulder /Charcoal Calves
Max 3/2zirc Back Zip GS Steamer S $809 $659 Black/Blue/Charcoal
Max 3/3zirc Zip Bib GS Steamer LL $839 $670 Black/Teal
Max 4/3 Zip Bib GS Steamer IC 2XL Custom $1029 $899 All Black
2mm Neo Vest - Pull over 50% discount SM $150 $99 Black
2mm Neo Vest - Pull over 50% discount SM $150 $99 Black
0.5mm Long Sleeve Hot Top - Sample (few small faults on inner titanium, won't effect use) XL $199 $129 Navy/Maroon
0.5mm Long Sleeve Hot Top - Sample XL $199 $149 Black/Blue
Retro Jacket - Sample Sm $259 $159 Smoothskin and Nylon All Black
2mm Neo Short-low waist XL $149 $75 Black
2mm Neo Short-low waist XL $149 $75 Black
2mm Neo Short-low waist 2XL $149 $75 Black
2mm Neo Short-low waist 3XL $149 $75 Black
Neoprene Boardshort (old stock) 70% off XS $199 $59 Black/white piping
Vortex Women's Spring W8 $239 $159 Blk/Teal
Vortex Women's Spring W8 $239 $159 Black
Vortex Women's Spring W10 $239 $159 Blk/Blue
Vortex Women's Spring W10 $239 $159 Blk/Pink
Vortex Women's Spring (lycra neck) W14 $239 $189 Blk/Dark Purple
Vortex Women's Spring(lycra neck) W14 $239 $189 Blk/Teal
Sandy Short leg W6; W10 $229 $169 Black/Blue W6;
Charcoal/Purple W10
Sandy Short leg W20 $289 $229 Charcoal/Aqua
Sandy long leg W6; W8 $319 $139 Black/Lime W6;
Black/Blue W8
Long John 3/2  W8; W16 $289 $169 Black/Red W8;
Black W16;
Black/Aqua W16.
Short Jane Sample W10 $229 $149 Black/BabyPink
Long Jane sample W8 $289 $149 Black/Navy/Mustard
Max 1.5mm FL Back Zip Steamer W10 Custom $629 $419 Black/Blue mix
Sealed Steamers        
Siren 2/2 GS Zip bib Short sleeve Steamer W10   $329 Pink/Storm/FluroGreen mix
Max 2/2 GS Zip Bib Short Sleeve Steamer W10 $759 $429 Teal/Orange
Max 2/2 GS Back Zip Steamer W14 Custom $889 $699 Charcoal/Blue
Max 3/2 GS Zip Bib Steamer W14; W16 $789 $630 Black/Teal W14;
Black/Maroon W16
Max 3/3zirconium Zip Bib Steamer W12 $839 $670 Charcoal/Blue
Max 4/3zirc Zip Bib GS Steamer W12S $869 $700 Black/Teal
Enduro 3/3 Zip Bib GS Steamer W14 $689 $549 Black/Blue
Enduro 4/3zirc Zip Bib Steamer  W16; W18 $719 $579 Black/Teal all 3.
Enduro 4/3zirc Interchangeable GS Steamer W8 Custom $889 $689 Black/Olive
2mm Neoprene pants W6 $199 $119 Black/Pink; Black/Peach
2mm Neoprene pants W8 $199 $119 Black/Pink;
2mm Neoprene pants W14 $199 $119 Black/LightPurple
2mm Neoprene pants - Old Style W8 $199 $99 Black/Purple
2mm Neoprene Jacket W6 $199 $129 Black/Pink; Black/Peach;
2mm Neoprene Jacket - Faulty stitching W12 $199 $169 Black/Blue
2mm Neoprene Togs W6 $179 $129 Black;
2mm Neoprene Togs W8 $179 $129 Navy/Teal;
2mm Neoprene Togs W10 $179 $129 Black/Teal/Pink
2mm Neoprene Togs W14 $179 $129 Black/Purple; Black/Navy/Charcoal

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