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A convenient travel size, the 550 page New Zealand Surfing Guide covers the Islands of New Zealand in extreme detail making it an essential tool to own if you’re planning a New Zealand surf adventure. A real NZ adventure will mean you will end up in spots that have no reception to check your phone which is when this awesome guide comes in super handy.

More than 50 hardcore surfing locals shared a lifetime of info to create this surf guide. Within these pages you’ll find tips and secrets which will direct you to NZ’s finest surf breaks and a whole lot more. Read this surf guide carefully and look for hints and code in the text - who knows what you may find.

A6 size, the guide features highly detailed individual break maps of hundreds of classic Kiwi spots. Jump off rocks, hazards, sections, ledges, rocks, tracks are marked. Nifty icons give you the right info for each break. Also be sure to check the stoke meter to see how each break rates on a scale of 1 to 10.

The guide is loaded with 80+ classic NZ line-up shots from New Zealand’s finest surf photographers. Find epic photo’s from Cory Scott (Kiwisurf), CPL (NZ Surfing Mag), Warren Hawke, Daisy Day, Mark Stevenson and Paul Kennedy. You’ll also find heaps of aerial photo’s which offer a sick perspective of surf spots and hints to others not listed.

Learn to read the weather and predict swells well in advance. The Wavetrack NZ Surf Guide features a simplified weather analysis section, plus each of the 21 area sections show optimum weather systems for swell production. The guide features 60+ area synoptic charts so you’ll have the tools to predict swell days in advance.

As well as all the insanely detailed surf info, the guide features a comprehensive information directory. In the back of each regional section you’ll find a directory full of all you need while visiting that area.

Whether you’re planning the ultimate Kiwi surf mission, or if you’re a local looking for some fresh break options, the Wavetrack New Zealand Surfing Guide is a must have.


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