Slug - Wetsuit Easy On Foot Bag


Get your wetsuit on easy with the slug wetsuit foot bag for faster wetsuit entry

  • slipping your big old feet and hands through tight wetsuits has never been easier or faster!
  • awesome for anyone who struggles to get into a tight fitting wetsuit 
  • awesome for getting into a wet wetsuit or wetsuit that hasnt completely dried
  • helps prevent damage from stretching neoprene
  • eliminates kooky wetsuit battles
  • made from slippy, durable, ripstop nylon 
  • compatible with booties 
  • choose from Adult or Kids size
  • comes in bright 'easy find' red


dont waste time and energy.....get your slug on.

The SLUG Wetsuit Easy On - Foot Bag is for anyone who wants to get into their full length wetsuit easier and quicker. The slippery durable construction enables your feet to slither their way through the narrowest, tightest fitting wetsuits with speed, at the same time reducing stress and rips on your wetsuit.

There's nothing worse than sapping all your energy getting into a wet wetsuit, and wet wetsuits are notoriously difficult to get into as the wet neoprene grabs onto your skin, rather than letting it slide past.  The good thing about the Slug is that it works great on a suit whether its bone dry, not quite dried off, or completely sopping wet..... to help you get into your wetsuit fast, and into the surf quicker.

Works with booties too! Put your booties first, then apply the slug, then get into your wetsuit as per normal (with slug over the bootie). This technique is great if want to avoid skin contact with your foot on the freezing carpark ground, by allowing you to bootie up before getting out of the car.

As the proud owner of a Slug you can now share it with those less fortunate in the car park of your favourite break, in exchange for wax and sunscreen of course.

slip into it!


Fully Charged

Ultimate Design



Titanium & Nitrogen


Lighter, Dryer, Warmer

More Flexible

Made Locally


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