Lite Titanium Hood 0.5mm


The Lite Titanium Hood is specifically designed to keep your head warm and repel ice cream headaches throughout those cooler months but without the bulk of a traditional neoprene hood. You can hear the cold wind blowing but you can't feel it through the titanium. Ideal for those days where it's not massive and you not doing an excessive amount of duck diving. And you have the added bonus that you can still hear and move your head easily!!

Constructed with lightweight Titanium lined 0.5mm Mode-Tech Yamamoto Neoprene and flatlocked for warmth and comfort. The Lite Hood is a balaclava-styled design for maximum coverage of your head but so lightweight you don't really notice you are wearing it, but you sure notice the cold if you take it off!!!

The Lite Titanium Hood is thin enough to wear under a helmet also. A warm and practical winter/spring essential.

Here at Seventhwave we love the planet as much as you do so we try and reuse our offcuts to minimize our impact on the environment.  The titanium hood is inspired from this desire and is made from the off cuts of our famous 0.5mm titanium neoprene, therefore we do often have different colours available. Get in touch with us for colours available in your size

Sizing Guide:

Small Under 55cm head circumference

Medium 55-58cm

Large over 58cm

Color: BLACK


Fully Charged

Ultimate Design



Titanium & Nitrogen


Lighter, Dryer, Warmer

More Flexible

Made Locally


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