Double Agent John


Meet our Double Agent... John. Designed for stealth warmth, all your mates will think you're crazy wearing your 3/2 in winter, but little do they know you are secretly sporting a toasty 1.5mm Ultra-flex, zirconium-lined little number underneath. 
Designed to keep all core areas warm! But built for minimal restriction and chafing. You will hardly notice you are wearing it.

Being a double agent it also has another life, a life of sun and serving as a windchill protector on those warmer days when you wear it on its own.

The leg seals stop water pushing up your legs when worn on their own and help keep the leg down while pulling your wetsuit on over it.

For our double Agent John, comfort is key, so the arms and entry are left with a raw finish, meaning no chafing and plenty of flexibility.

No zips, no velcro just warmth, flexibility, and comfort for Double Agent John.

And of course, Double Agent John is made in New Zealand using only the finest Yamamoto limestone neoprene, because John cares about the environment too

Add a pair of our new Zirconium Sox and you won't even know it's cold. You will only be coming in because you're tired, hungry, or late for work. 



Fully Charged

Ultimate Design



Titanium & Nitrogen


Lighter, Dryer, Warmer

More Flexible

Made Locally


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