Ian Surgenor

An Empty Ocean Road, surfing history of the mainland

Our newest surf book, Compiled by Ian Surgenor, this surf book details the history of surfing on the mainland, (South Island) of New Zealand. (after 18 years in the making). Covering all of the South Island, the rise and fall of Board Rider clubs, Shark attacks and of course the Southern Legends themselves.

Includes an awesome section on woodies, wagons and other vehicles.

Small snippet of the intro.......

"Most surfers only wanted to ride waves, explore new horizons and share fun times on the road"

"Generally speaking, South Islanders are true heartland people, open-hearted and strong-willed, welcoming strangers while they spurn the pretentious and self indulgent. They are a reflection of the raw southern environment in which they live and are moulded naturally with those characteristics."

A beautiful 160 page book full of awesome pics and an interesting read.
including regional history from Nelson and Marlborough, the West Coast, Kaikoura, Christchurch, South Canterbury, Otago, Southland and more.


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