What If My Custom-Fit Wetsuit Doesn't Fit?

Most of us after finally doing the measuring thing and ordering a new wetsuit, can't wait for it to arrive. Once it does, we dash home to try the wetsuit on. "Great, fantastic, awesome!" are the usual replies we get but for a small percentage of you we have had small problems affect you getting your perfect fit first time round. Well the good news is we are very keen to get it corrected and as soon as possible so you can get cracking out there. To make sure we do it 100% right we need you to follow the guide below to give us all the information we need to make any adjustments to your wetsuit.

Before sending your wetsuit back, please contact us. Email us with your invoice number and the problem or concern. We will email with you to get any concerns corrected as quickly as possible.

**Please note you have 14 days from receiving your wetsuit to notify us of any amendments needed.**

Steps to take before sending a wetsuit back to us:
• Try the wetsuit on at least twice, especially if it is a neck entry model and you haven't experienced this style before. Don't send it back in a rush without emailing us first: contact us.

• Watch our How-To videos on putting on and taking off wetsuits. It's usually a case of adapting the right technique rather than struggling to get in and out: https://youtu.be/u8WMiVC3LxM

• Try the wetsuit on again. Once you have it on, take a photo of you in your suit. If you don't have someone to click, stand in front of a tall mirror. Take a couple of pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words! And a picture of you in the wetsuit is the easiest way to identify and correct a problem or issue with the fit.

• Email us the photo's and once confirmed that you need to return your wetsuit for alteration or modification, please re-pack it and send to us at:

Seventhwave Wetsuits Ltd
6/1063 Ferry Road
Phone +64 3 384 7878

• You will be required to pay the postage. If you're in New Zealand you can Post or courier. If you're an International customer it is usually easiest and most economical to post it.