The Super Power of Titanium

Rocketing back to earth at 30,000 km/h, the Discovery Space Shuttle is blasted by G-Forces and temperatures of up to 1500ºC—its walls glowing red. Yet it lands safely. How? The reflective super power of Titanium.

Whether surfing the oceans or wakeboarding a lake, water temperatures will always be lower than your core body temperature. So you will need a wetsuit for most water activities—unless, of course, you’re fortunate to be in a very warm climate with little or no wind. Even then you still need some coverage if you want to stay and play for any length of time in the water.

A wetsuit or wetsuit apparel will give you extra warmth and protection, maximizing your water time and enjoyment. This is especially critical when you are in cool, cold, very cold or freezing water temperatures. Traditionally wetsuits were made thicker and thicker to compensate for the cold. Thickness created stiffness, and turned the wearer into the proverbial ‘Michelin Man’. However many of today’s wetsuits now utilize ‘Titanium-lined neoprene’.

What is Titanium-lined neoprene?

Pioneered by the Japanese Yamamoto Corporation in the 1980’s (also the innovators of limestone neoprene), ‘Titanium’ is the process of applying a thin Titanium Alpha metallic alloy coating to the neoprene surface prior to the bonding of the outer jersey fabric, and is designed to reflect heat.

Yamamoto was influenced by NASA science research aimed at reducing overheating and thermal conductivity during Spaceship re-entry. Once it has been applied to neoprene it looks like a coating of silvery-grey paint. If the neoprene is nylon covered on both sides, you can still see if the Titanium lining is there by applying pressure under the neoprene: you will see the glint of the Titanium shine through.

As soon as you enter the water, the heat from inside your wetsuit wants to escape and dissipate. This is called thermal diffusion. As it tries to escape, the thermal heat hits the Titanium-lining that then reflects the heat back towards you, continually. In fact, every time you move, paddle, or expel energy, more heat is created inside your wetsuit and reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by an amazing 40%.

How does this benefit you?

The great advantage is that you can wear a much thinner, lighter wetsuit than ever before without compromising warmth, meaning you can beat those cold water blues and leave those old-style, traditional, thicker wetsuits in the dusty closet where they belong! The thinner the suit, the more flexible you are. You will have more energy and power. Your paddle efficiency will sky rocket. Your sessions will be twice as long. You will feel 10 years younger. You will surf like Kelly Slater, probably.

So next time you are looking to replace an old wetsuit or thinking of adding a whole new dimension to your water sports, consider the benefits of wearing a Titanium-lined limestone neoprene wetsuit from Seventhwave and experience the Super Power of Titanium.

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