Team Rider: Shawn Collier

Hi everybody, I'm Shawn Collier.
I live in Gisborne city, New Zealand. It's pretty much a surf town with a lot of other things to do like fishing and hunting, cycling and motorbikes, walks, Tramping, sailing, driving, and all our normal sports Rugby, soccer, netball..etc. it's very outdoors living here. Summer is crazy warm here due to the hills surrounding the area that also keep the wind consistently North West offshore. another thing here is it has a pretty cold winter whenever the south wind blows during June, July, August it's brutal (still not south island cold) our season changes in about a two-week period around the second week of May, then bang its winter! same with summer second week of September it changes back into summer That quick change comes as a big surprise to visitors of new residents.
I've been Riding for Seventhwave for maybe ten years now, I wouldn't ride any other suit regardless of sponsorship or not as long as Seventhwave is around I'll be in their suits, They're that good! Although being apart of the Team is really a treat.
My home spot is the pipe in Gisborne, I know what your thinking wow a break called pipe (must be hollow) sure has it's days at low tide if you hunt one down coming on the right angle (straight south swell) it will provide a tube ride but generally speaking "the pipe" is a long walling wave with great sections just don't mention that to half the Wainui Crew who hate the place as it's tricky to get it wired and after spending a large amount of time I'm used to it. (I live right by the pipe). love it!
I've never been into competition surfing; well, like it but personally it doesn't sit that well with me, I was hassled a fair bit during my 30's about not doing comps and how "yeah he can surf but he'd never be any good at comps" comments I decided to Start training and prove a point even though I didn't want to compete. I ended up winning the open and senior titles at the Gisborne Boardriders and went on to win the Masters 35+ that year at the NZ Nationals, after that no one said anything again about my surfing competition wise so that was good. Then I stopped competing and started to train some groms around here into national titles with the knowledge I'd grained plus one of them finished 50th in the worlds for their age and another kid I had finished 8th in the world for their age during the time I was training them, that was awesome.
I have two sons to my wife Tina who I've been with since we were 15 and 16 years old both my boys are surfing and skating really well today. After becoming a Grandfather I was missing my Grandkids who were in the Gold Coast so trips after trips were adding up I managed to take a gap year thanks to my work and we moved to Coolangatta to live for a year, were I ended up get sponsorship from an Australian board company Clayton surfboards after getting coached myself , it was the first time someone had stepped up to help me reach my goals after years of  coaching myself and others to have the chance to have someone so into my surfing was really exciting, I also felt like my surfing had "arrived" at a place I was satisfied with, finally arrived at my destination personally surfing wise.
My favorite Seventhwave suit is the Max, why? it's the Max... the Maximum amount of warmth (I'm soft) but it really is the warmest suit I've ever had, Last year they put that "fluffy stuff" inside it and it was just next level! Often I'm too hot! I mainly wear a 3x3mm for all winter here in Gisborne 12 degree water, I did get a 3x4mm last year after returning from Coolangatta BUT I'm only using it when it's crazy cold wind or whatever. Summer/ spring here I use The 2x2 Max 16/17 degree water then mid summer a 2x2mm Max 18/23 degree water. this past summer had many summers surfs with just the 1mm hot top and board shorts. and of course, if I'm in Aussie surfing Snapper or D-bah it's a Hot top or Rash shirt and shorts, 2x2mm mid-winter max.
The best thing about Seventhwave is the people who work and own the place! The wetsuits are amazing, the custom color and custom fit option are incredible! plus another favorite thing is the quick turn around on any issues or when ordering a new suit, not to mention the KIWI brand factor.
Overall, give Seventhwave Credit really, NZ is a small place and often companies move their business offshore (China) to get a mass produced product without care and that personal touch just to make a buck, and of course, everyone needs to make money, I get it! BUT even more those people who've got passion and take pride in the sports they love so much, support these KIWI proud companies, please! This more than anything is my hearts desire to see people succeed and in any way, I can be a part of that journey I consider it a privilege.
Thanks, Seventhwave for everything, love you guys!