Our Trade-in Service

Seventhwave's unique kids trade-in program...

Look after your kids this summer and put them into a warm Seventhwave wetsuit.

Here at Seventhwave we understand that kids grow and parents are conscious of this so they often buy a suit that is to big so it will last. The problem with this is that then the wetsuit is no longer overly effective for warmth as cold water just continues to flush through! So to combat this we have a unique trade in service which ensures you can get your kids suits that fit so they can really stay warm and not break the bank every year.

It's really simple, your kids grow, you trade in their old suit and they get a new one that fits.
Warmth = Fun

Who else trades up your kid's wetsuits as they grow, saving your budget and helping to save the planet by recycling wetsuits instead of sending them to the landfill?

How to trade-in a wetsuit

1. Send it to us with your contact details and a note that you want to trade it in. Or if you live locally simply bring it on in.

2. Upon receipt we will assess the condition of the wetsuit and contact you with a trade-in value.

Frequently asked questions about trade-in wetsuits

How much will I get for my old suit? Depending on condition, most spring suits fetch $20-$30, full length steamers get a little more, sometimes up to $50

Is my wetsuit too old or damaged to trade-in? If you are unsure if your wetsuit has enough life left in it for the next person contact us for advice or send us a photo of it first before you send it. 

Can I trade-in a different brand wetsuit? Unfortunately, we cannot accept other brands of wetsuits.

Terms and Conditions:
We trade-in kids Seventhwave standard size wetsuits only
We do not trade-in adults wetsuits 
We do not trade-in custom fitted kids wetsuits

We do not buy second hand wetsuits
We do not trade-in any light gear/titanium hot top or rash shirts.
The trade-in must be from the original owner of the wetsuit. 
We do not trade really old/faded/torn/damaged or rotten kids wetsuits.