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Cold water sucks. Yes, it does. But often the best conditions for water sports happen when its cold. Its also been  documented that cold water surfing gives a longer lasting and deeper satisfaction: a more profound stoke. So, if you want to make the most of the best conditions and the lack of crowds—and be happy in cold water—you need to know how to deal with cold water and the issues that come with it.

We've written this ebook as a guide for anyone who is active in water sports and wants to maximize their water time and warmth in the water. Maybe you're considering getting into a new sport, or maybe you've been surfing for the last 30 years. You may be planning a trip to colder waters, or (as we are) just getting older and feeling the cold more.

This guide will show you how to make the right decisions for gear that will keep you warm and toastie no matter what conditions 'mother nature' throws at you. In Part I we cover the kind of wetsuit and accessories you'll need, and why the type of neoprene and the fit of your wetsuit matters. If you decide to invest in a Seventhwave wetsuit, Part II will guide you through the process, and let you hear from happy people who have. Finally, we've got a Bonus Section with tips and tricks to maximize your wetsuit's life.



Neoprene has been around since 1930, but it wasn't until the 1950s that it was used to make wetsuits. Developments in how neoprene is made, and what it is made from, means today's wetsuits are far from the same. Different brands use different types of neoprene, hugely affecting a wetsuits warmth and performance.

Whether you're in the market for a new wetsuit, or like us, interested in knowing all about wetsuits and how they are made, the following guide is designed to help you learn more about the differences in neoprene and how it effects you.

Parts 1-3 of this ebook can also be read online here.


'Seventhwave Care and Warranty' is an informative guide for those who own (or are about to own) a Seventhwave wetsuit.

It covers everything you need to know when investing in a Seventhwave product—from very first fitting guides to getting the maximum out of your purchase. It also includes a full warranty guide and other helpful information.


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