the interchangeable hood option

The Interchangeable Hood Option turns a standard Seventhwave neck entry (ZB) wetsuit into a 3 season wetsuit with the addition of an optional hood

It is a “natural extension” of our popular neck entry, or zipperless wetsuit. If you choose the interchangeable hood option you will receive a neck entry bib with an attached hood and a standard neck entry bib. This allows you to change the type of bib depending on the conditions, using the hood for mid-Winter sessions and the standard bib for Spring and Autumn. A versatile option to cover most of the year.
How does the Interchangeable Hood Option work?
The bibs can simply be swapped around depending on the conditions on the day, giving you the level of warmth you need in the water.
With our original neck-entry wetsuit the pullover bib was sewn onto the back of the suit.
With the Interchangeable Hood Option the bib is attached at the back with a small zipper. This means it can be taken off and swapped with the bib that has the full Arctic Hood
The hooded bib panel has the same zipper at the back and the front, and once attached to the back and pulled over the head is done up in the same way at the chest. Couldn't be easier!


What are the benefits?

Versatility and Comfort in the water are the two big pluses of the Interchangeable Hood Option.
Versatilty: this is really like having a 3-season wetsuit that can effectively cover most of the year.  Put the hood on for Winter and just the collar for Autumn and Spring. Titaniun hot top/shorts underneath for added warmth in the Winter months.
Ultimately, whatever makes you feel right in the water on the day this gives you the flexibility to decide what to use depending on the conditions you are about to surf in.
As one satisfied surfer says “the fact that it's so easily interchangeable means that if I'm feeling a bit to hot with it on, it's so easily swapped.”
Comfort: As anyone will tell you one layer of neoprene is always going to be more comfortable than two! Not only is the attached hood better sealed at the back, but with one less layer of neoprene around the neck area – compared to say using a wetsuit and separate hood or wetsuit/Hooded Hot Top - there is less rubber therefore less constriction, and more comfort, more enjoyment.
Who's it for?

Surfers, kiteboarders, bodyboarders – men, women - anyone who wants to keep on going throughout the year. The Interchangeable Hood Option gives you the performance and flexibility you need across the entire year and within each season.
And it's not just for those dealing with very cold water in the South.


Jaimie from Tribal Surfboards in Whangarei says:

"My 3/2 Max with detachable hood is my favourite suit and gives me the best range for surfing and kitesurfing in Northland”.

“April-June - no hood, for when it gets a bit cold early and late surfing and for wind chill kiting... “July-September - hood on for surfing cold offshores and stormy onshores kiting. Then September/October - hood on for duckdiving as the water temperature drops, and for those long Naki bar sessions.

“I can also have the hood attached but flipped back for enjoyng the sun's heat when its shining but flip it back on for paddle outs when it's bigger, and for cold southeast kiting sessions.”

“Back full circle to April and I'm back into the Max again... its my second skin and my best suit!”

Why have it?

If you are keen to score some of that “winter stoke” then this is the suit for you.
Let's face it - a hood is essential when it's cold if you want to enjoy your time in the water and spend more time out there. But on some days a hood may be a step too far.
The versatility of the Interchangeable Hood Option means one suit can help get you through the coldest Winter months while you'll also have a suit for the border zones of Spring and Autumn - when water temperatures and windchill can vary considerably on the day.
The initial outlay maybe more expensive upfront, but for that you get a suit - with Custom-Fit also an option – that will bring you the maximum in versatility and comfort for at least 3 seasons of the year.

Check out the models available with the Interchangeable Hood Option:

Max 3/2, 3/3 or 4/3 Ti ZB G&S Steamer with Interchangeable Hood  Mens / Womens

Also as an option with the Viper 3/3 Ti ZB G&S Steamer with Interchangeable Hood  Mens / Womens


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