MAX 3/2, 3/3 or 4/3 Mens Ti G&S ZB Steamer with Interchangeable Hood
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Featuring one of the stretchiest rubbers on earth — 94% nitrogen-infused Yamamoto MR7000 — and with a custom fitting included in the price, the MAX Titanium Steamer is the ultimate maestro for any condition winter has to offer. The interchangeable hood systems makes this amazing suit even more versatile, covering all your bases in one wetsuit. Neck entry for added performance, Kevlar loaded knee pads for the best protection, stretch overloaded for insane movement, ergonomically designed to give the best comfort and performance — this maniac of a wetsuit is sure to please.

"It was pretty cool being out amongst the snow and ice in February here (Hokkaido, Japan), when everyone else was wearing $2000 5mm dry suits, and they just couldn't believe I was wearing a 4/3 wetsuit!" [more]
Stephen McKean

"I never thought I would write that I now relish the freezing days the South Atlantic can deliver: I have a competitive edge and will stay in the water much longer than anybody else around could ever manage with more rubber... Guys, you have changed my surfing life: I could never thank you enough." [more]
Christophe Vegezzi
  • Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene: Yamamoto Neoprene has a nitrogen closed cell content of 94% — 23% higher than most competing materials — and with virtually no water absorption means the weight of this rubber remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions, giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight. It also means it dries quicker than other suits.
  • MR 7000 Superstretch: The MAX is made in superstretch neoprene from head to toe. It is lightweight (the suit weighs a mere 1300grams), flexible (longation is 480-580% — compare that to the elongation of the human skin under the arm which is 60-70%), and has a cell memory that retains the shape of your body.
  • Fully Titanium-lined: the entire suit is lined with a super thin heat retaining film called Titanium Alloy Alpha that reflects your bodyheat and also keeps out the cold. Every time you move, paddle, or expel energy, your thermal heat is reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by an amazing 40%.
  • 3/2, 3/3 or 4/3: customize your thickness depending on your water temps.
MAX made

  • Glued & Double Blindstiched seams are sealed by a double coating of glue, butted together and then blindstitched on both sides of the seam.
  • Fully Heat sealed around the entire inside seams.
  • Water-tight construction ensures no leaky seams, and is perfect for freezing temperatures.
  • Curved seam construction with less seams equals more comfort and movement, and an ergonomic fit.
Hood front
Hooded bib
Standard bib
Detachable Bib2
Back view of interchangeable hood system
  • Interchangeable Hood: if you choose the interchangeable hood option you will receive a neck entry bib with an attached hood and a standard neck entry bib. This allows you to change the type of bib depending on your conditions, using the hood for mid-winter sessions and the standard bib for spring and autumn. A versatile option to cover most of the year.
Hood front
Hooded bib
standard bib
Back view of permanent hood option
  • Permanent Hood: choosing this option will mean your suit will feature a permanently attached hood for added warmth and comfort.
  • Zip Bib (ZB) neck entry closure system made from Titanium lined superstretch rubber creates a super warm seal and prevents leakage. A neck entry gives you the best flush-free seal through any duck-dive, and no chunky zip up the back gives extreme stretch throughout the back panel.
  • 4MM Kevlar kneepads are ergonomically designed to fit the bend and shape of the knee. Constructed from durable but flexible 4MM woven Kevlar.
  • Custom fitting included: approximately 1/3 people don't fit a standard size, yet a correctly fitted wetsuit insulates and protects the wearer from cold water, wind and abrasion. The MAX is custom-fitted to your 22 unique measurements and included in the price.
  • Customized colours & models: design your MAX with a variety of colours and tailor it to your specific watersport.

MAX 3/2, 3/3 or 4/3 Mens Ti G&S ZB Steamer with Interchangeable Hood

The Max with our detachable hood option is the ultimate maestro for any condition winter has to offer
NZ $999.00
Drain Holes
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