Free Diving/Canyoning

Free diving:
• You will almost always need a steamer unless diving in tropical waters. You will need either a Glued and Stitched or a Breathable steamer (Overlocked or Flatlocked) depending on how much you feel the cold and how long you'll want to stay in the water. The lower end of these temperatures needs a Steamer—probably Glued & Stitched, or a breathable suit with a Titanium Hot Top underneath. The deeper you go the colder it will get, so if you are diving deep, you probably would prefer a Glued & Stitched suit. Hard-wearing neoprene (such as our Vortex and Viper models) are best because they can take a thrashing around the rocks, but our MAX models are warm and light, and are a popular option.

• Full steamers are recommended for use in all canyon environments, even in the summer time—simply for warmth and protection. Seventhwave's Canyoning Suit is perfect, as it features a built in hood, Aero Zirconium fluffy/plush lining, front zip and armatek pads in all the general wear areas. The Vortex or Viper Glued & Stitched models are also a great option.

• Bum pads, elbow pads and shin pads give suit extra life to a standard suit, and protect you against the elements. These can be Armatek or Kevlar. Consider a Titanium Hot Top as well.

• A Seventhwave wetsuit Custom-Fit to your 22 unique measurements is the most comfortable and warmest wetsuit you will ever own. After you complete the custom order form with your 22 measurements, these are analysized to establish your correct fitting size and adjustments are made where a bad fit occurs. It takes 10 days to complete production before being delivered to you by International Economy Courier.

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