What Wetsuit For Me?


" There's no such thing as bad weather for surfing... just the wrong wetsuit! "

It's the question we get asked everyday: "Hey, I need a wetsuit, what have you got that would be good for me?" Great question, but to get the ideal answer you need to ask yourself: What, Where, When & How?

What activities are you doing? Where are you doing it? What is the water temperature? When are you doing it: summer or winter? How much do you feel the cold? What coverage do you need? 

Wetsuits are designed for specific water temperatures, weather conditions and water-sport activities. It is important to know these factors and to take them into consideration with your own personal requirements.

Following this 3 step interactive product finder will help determine a range of products suitable to your activity and conditions.


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Click on your water temperature
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why is temperature so important?

Your core body temperature is 37°C (98°CF) or somewhere near. This is the operating temperature of your body. Core temperature is normally maintained within this range so that essential enzymatic reactions can occur, so any prolonged increase or decrease in core body temperature is incompatible with human life (or in layman's terms, you die).

Hypothermia is a physical condition that occurs when the body’s core temperature falls below a normal 37°C (98.6°F) to 35°C (95°F) or cooler. Cold water dangerously accelerates the onset of hypothermia (body heat can be lost 30 times faster in cold water than in cold air) so the right wetsuit is essential. Hypothermia affects the body's core – the brain, heart, lungs, and other vital organs. Even a mild case of hypothermia diminishes your physical and mental abilities, increasing the risk of accidents. Severe hypothermia may result in unconsciousness and possibly death.

Because heat is lost more quickly in water than on land (30 times faster), you really need to know the water temperature of your playground. Without a wetsuit a water temperature of 10°C (50°F) can lead to death in one hour, and water temperatures hovering at freezing can lead to death in as little as 15 minutes. Water at a temperature of 26°C (79°F) will, after prolonged exposure, also lead to hypothermia.

A wetsuit provides thermal insulation for your body. You need the right amount for the conditions you choose to be in. Your body mass also affects 'how much' insulation you need. If you're slim or lean, you're likely to feel the cold more and will need more coverage or more thickness, and a sealed construction on your wetsuit. Likewise, if you want to stay out for longer periods in colder water you need maximum insulation. If you're lucky enough to live and surf in a warm climate you still need some insulation even though it can be shorter and lighter.


find your local water temperature


Click on the map and then select your location to find your water temperature.

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