what happens after you order a custom fit wetsuit

Once you have decided your wetsuit model and options and completed your order online, you will receive an automated reply from our website acknowledging your order. Most customers reply to this email with their completed custom fit form and photograph.
Step 1. We receive your order

Once we receive your order we look out for the completed custom fit form and photograph to go with it. We will email you for your completed custom fit form and photo if we have not received it. Some customers are well prepared and have already completed the custom fit form before ordering.
Step 2. We check your details

Before going any further we check we have all necessary information about your order. We will quickly scan your details and check your photo is suitable and that it shows your body shape. The photo gives us an exact idea of your body shape and is a double check if any measurements look incorrect. If there is any detail missing or unusual measurements we will contact you for clarification before proceeding.
Step 3. We analyze your details

Next, all your details are put through our Custom-Fit system and our Custom Fit Team will come up with:
1. The standard size that is closest to your details.
2. A list of adjustments necessary to be made to the size to give you the correct fit for your shape and size.

Depending on your shape and size this can be as little as one or two areas or several adjustments to several areas. We make a note of all adjustments required for your body shape and size and record this on your Custom-Fit form. This is later filed and is referred to if there is any problem or issues with your wetsuit fit. This record is also kept for any future wetsuit items you may want with the same fit.
Step 4. Your order is marked and cut

Next your order is marked out and cut from your choice of colour and thickness of neoprene. Your custom shape is transferred to the marked pieces as they are cut allowing for your differences to the standard size. After marking all parts are checked again as the pieces are cut. All parts are placed into a cardboard tray to begin production.
Step 5. Production

Cutting > Screening > Glueing > Taping > Sewing > Finishing > Dispatch

Your order begins the production phase with screen printing. The size & thickness and logo's are all screen printed onto the appropriate panel pieces and cured through a tunnel dryer.
If your order is for a summer model it is not glued and goes straight to sewing.
If your wetsuit is a winter model next step is the glueing process. All parts are double glued and then assembled. Air Nippers are used over all the seams during assembly to maximize the the bond of the glued seam. After completion your wetsuit is now hung on a coat hanger to cure for 24 hours. Once cured the wetsuit is taped and blind stitched and zips are sewn in. All production is now finished and your wetsuit is tagged and completed.
For more information on production check out our video of how a Max is made.[here]
Step 6. Finishing

After production is completed your wetsuit moves to the dispatch area and is given a final check before dispatch or pick up.
Step 7. Pack & dispatch

Your wetsuit is now packed and paperwork completed for delivery to you. Deliveries in New Zealand are sent by courier and International deliveries are sent by International Economy Courier. Check our Delivery Policy for information to your location.


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