A year into a new era

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun! I cannot believe it has been a year already since we took over Paul’s baby, Seventhwave Wetsuits. It’s a been a wild ride! I would liken this to the batman ride at movie world….one second you’re enjoying the views and the next you are weightless and screaming and you’ve spilt food all down your new shirt…something like this anyway. 
It would be a wild understatement and an injustice to say we are “proud” to own a New Zealand made business. No, you could not use the word proud. We are Seventhwave converts and Seventhwave patriots!! We LOVE our NZ made business but not just the business we LOVE our NZ made gear too!!
Without going on too much, our family has surfed cumulatively for at least 40 years we had pretty much worn every wetsuit known to mankind and to be perfectly frank had adjusted ourselves to the reality that it was normal to be cold. We would sit out the back shaking with cold without realising there was an alternative!!  The funniest thing is we had never owned a Seventhwave wetsuit before buying this business. (We once bought a Peugeot off the internet without looking at it but that is another story...I don’t want to talk about it) Unlike the Peugeot, we purchased Seventhwave because we believed in the history and the vision that was built right here in Christchurch and we knew we could be passionate about this business. One meeting with Paul and we knew that this is what we were searching for.
It’s not hard to be passionate about this business. Not only that but the stuff that we make is obscenely good.  Cross my heart, there is not a wetsuit I have ever worn that actually fitted me. With my series of custom made wetsuits I no longer allow the ocean to share my wetsuit space! I have never been able to wear a 3/2 in a cold Christchurch winter EVER!!!!! I use to wear a 4/3 in summer…..I know….I don’t want to talk about this either. My suit dries crazy fast, It performs really well and they all have that element of uniqueness because I chose my own colors and added “a pinch of me” to all my suits.
Enough about us and more about the cogs in the Seventhwave locomotive! We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Paul Zarifeh, founder, father and mastermind of this amazing company and his continual support. Another giant big thank you to our amazing staff in our factory in Bromley that together have over a FREAKIN CENTURY of wetsuit specialisation under their belt and who have been patient and welcoming and guided and supported us through our search for growth and development.
Last but certainly not least our amazing customers. If you are receiving this email, then that means you have at some time in your life supported this brand. We know that if you are receiving this email that you also value NZ made quality gear. Without you all, this amazing NZ company would be nothing. Our goal is to continue on a path of Growth and innovation. We have big open minds so embrace any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, feedback-good or bad (or if you’re looking for a REAL cheap Peugeot…. just kidding) we would love to hear from you!! We love our awesome customers, our great team, our sponsored team riders and want this amazing NZ brand to be shared with the world and we want you all to come along for the ride.  
As a “happy 1st birthday to us” (insert melodious singing here) as new owners we have put on a birthday shout and anyone that purchases on our Seventhwave Birthday week will get 20% off!! So let your fingers do the walking and hop on line or just use your feet like everyone else and come on in and see us today.
Thanks guys! You’re the Best Puff and Leif!
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