seventhwave's unique warranty policy

Because we make our wetsuits here in NZ we know how good they are and to back that up we offer a LIFETIME warranty on our stitching!!! We have suits that are 22 years old that come in and yes if it's stitching they need fixed, IT'S FREE!
Any faults in the material are covered by our  1 year Warranty.

What we're saying is "We've made a really good wetsuit out of the best materials in the best way we can to give you the maximum benefit of it and we are willing to back that up."

Even though the materials are covered by a 1 year warranty,  with careful use and regular maintenance you should expect 2-4 seasons (or more, we see 7 year old wetsuits still going strong) from your Seventhwave wetsuit.

We have our own parts and repair service to keep your wetsuit running for many years. We make our wetsuits so they can be repaired and easily fixed, costing you less and keeping the landfills as free of wetsuits as possible. We complete all our repairs here in our Christchurch factory and aim to have our wetsuits back in the water ASAP. There is nothing worse than your suit needing repair and waiting months. So we offer a priority repair service for our customers as our way of saying thank you for supporting NZ made. We aim for a 10 day turn around on our suits. 

If you have a warranty question please contact us first with your enquiry so we can give you the best advice.

What does this warranty cover?

The warranty covers the neoprene, taping, stitching, glueing, splitting, delamination,  for one year from date of purchase to the original purchaser. The warranty also covers the stitching for the lifetime of the wetsuit to the original owner.

What does this warranty not cover?

The warranty does not cover colour fading, tearing from a washing machine or dryer (please don't put your wetsuit in a machine), fin cuts, general or excessive wear & tear, mistreatment or abuse.

What will we do to correct problems?

We will repair or alter the item to your complete satisfaction. We will provide, at the consumer's choice, either a replacement or a full refund if we are unable, after a reasonable number of tries, to repair your product.

What will we not do?

We will not replace wetsuits that have obviously been mistreated or never washed.
How do you get service?

You have to pay for shipping back to Seventhwave. If the item is faulty or being exchanged we will gladly ship the exchanged item to you for free. 
What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?

The warranty period is automatically started on any purchase from www.seventhwave.co.nz or in store. An email address is required by the customer for registration and communication purposes, once we have set you up in our system an invoice is emailed to you for your future proof of purchase. Nothing worse than trying to hunt out a faded old receipt. 
Look after your wetsuit. Give it the care and maintenance it deserves and you will get an awesome life out of your Seventhwave wetsuit.

"Everyday we build quality products. We expect our wetsuits’ life to be measured in years and thousands of hours of water-sport time, because it’s over that lifetime of use that our customers experience the real value of a Seventhwave wetsuit."


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