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I brought the boot/shoe covers on a recommendation of a friend who is a big fan of this product from Seventhwave. He is currently in Canada cycling through vast & remote places with his Seventhwave boot covers as part of his kit.
I've always persevered with just cycle shoes only through mud, rivers and snow.
After Kevin convinced these were worth a go over other alternative brands I ordered and first trip through the Heaphy in cold & wet conditions these were fantastic with the warmth & the lack of mud and grit going into the shoes was a revelation for a more comfortable journey.
Even if the inevitable wade through water caused wet feet. All warmed up again without the windchill factor being apparent. I've ridden with these on numerous occasions for night rides with frosty nights usually in the vicinity of 80km & no more aching toes :)
A friend who had tried other brands has since switched to Seventhwave after my ravings and is of the opinion Seventhwave is a superior product.
For long distance bike races over days or weeks IE Kiwi Brevets / Tour Aotearoa etc I would highly recommend. 5 stars :)

Paul N, Blenheim
The SUP Combo:  by Jeff Morris

Jeff is an Australian who has resided in the Nelson area for a couple of winters. An avid ex Gold Coast surfer and stand up paddle boarder has been enjoying the recluse of the area.

After having previously used the Seventhwave custom fit online ordering system to order a steamer, I knew that when the Surf All Day Vest arrived by post that the fit would also be excellent.

This is a really versatile and practical item, I will be using it mainly for SUP-ing, but it is obviously great for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfingand many more activities

Made from superstretch Japanese Yamamoto 2mm neoprene, fully lined with Titanium Alloy Alpha and made to fit a 2 litre refillable and removable hydration system, two storage pockets (side and front) and a specially designed camera housing system in the chest — the vest gives you warmth, storage and flotation, as well as a continuous supply of hydration, it also has an easy entry side zip.

Seriously James Bond would have one of these, although his Platypus® water reservoir would be filled with Vodka Martini (slushed not stirred) and the pockets would carry a Walther PPK and some sort of genius phone/bomb, no doubt would also be bullet proof, shark proof and overproof.

Unfortunately I’m more Alan Bond (sort of forgetful), so for me  it’s just water, iPhone, sunblock  and a snack bar, all secure in zip lock plastic bags, just in case a careless White Pointer accidentally knocks me into the water, last thing you want is a soggy snack bar.

I have teamed this ensemble with Seventhwave’s other great SUPing product, The SUP WaterShorts. These are a 2 in 1 item with 2mm Yamamoto neoprene on the inside keeps you warm and snug, while the streamlined boardshort outer of taslan nylon are quite functional.

This model also features a new pocket setup, with left and right short pockets—complete with key loops—and a left hand cargo pocket with a double dome closure system. These are great for storing items on those SUP adventures, around the beach, and are an excellent addition.

So how do they perform? The guys at Seventhwave reckon both products are for mild weather and conditions, but on one of the occasions that I tried them out it was raining with an outside temperature of 13 degrees and a water temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, I spent plenty of time in the water by way of some quick dunkings and both shorts and vest (over a 1mm long sleeve top) plus 5mm booties performed better than expected, I was out for around one and a half hours and was really comfortable.

My only criticism is that it would be good to have some Velcro type loops to keep the hydration tube on the vest secured and out of the way, especially for surfing and maybe a few colours for the SUP shorts, sure black is slimming but makes my hair look even greyer.

As for normal cruising conditions, you couldn’t ask for more comfortable and functional items to keep you out there for as long as you want.

Also note that the hydration bladder can be inflated to act as a buoyancy vest. Some local councils here have some strange regulations (weird eh) regarding SUP’s and flotation devices, aside from the fact that you’re attached to one usually via a leg rope.

Jeff Morris, Nelson


SUP Shorts / Surf All Day Vest:  by Mark Perry

When veteran radio DJ, Mark Perry, is not on the airwaves either on The Sound network or his own station, Mangawhai's Heads 106.4FM, he's on the waves around his region either on his Takayama longboard or Pearson SUP.
Mark has chosen Seventhwave wetsuits for function, durability, warmth and support of a local New Zealand made product.

The Seventhwave SUP Watershorts are just the best for longboarding and stand up paddling due to the lightweight Yamamoto neoprene inside, which prevents wax rash, eliminates windchill and are super quick drying between sessions. Also, the neoprene on the belt line is perfectly placed to keep the kidney area warm, a critical factor for long sessions and often a neglected area in design…good one guys!

Mark also utilizes the new edition of the Surf All Day vest for both his favourite water activities.

Having the water bladder for hydration on those long SUP journeys is a major bonus… no need for clumsy backpacks, and the secure pockets are great for basics, even a smartphone for emergency purposes. The Yamamoto neoprene is quick drying and the extra titanium is perfectly placed for extra warmth….love it!

I'm stoked to support a Kiwi company where quality and attention to detail is important…Seventhwave know their stuff 'cos they're water people and their gear is made here rather than from some factory in China…keep up the great work.

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Lucy Te Moananui - NZ Surf/Mal/SUP legend - Where ever the surf is, you will find Lucy shredding it up.

As the run of unusually warm weather continues, the water is heating up and so thank goodness for the new Seventhwave Women’s separates range. I have been fortunate enough to find some good waves and try out a few of the pieces in the range. Surfing and Sup surfing here in Te Waipounamu means you need to keep warm and stay functional. The 2mm neoprene top and bottoms are incredibly comfortable. The high waist on the bottoms keep your core warm and are a modest cut, so no wedgie moments to deal with. The top overlaps the high waist to double up around the kidneys keeping you warm where you need it the most. This is a great combo while on the Sup. If you are in the water a little more, surfing or the wind picks up, the 2mm Retro Jacket adds an extra layer of neoprene to your core and ensures warm arms, which for me makes a big difference. A great deal of attention has been made to the fit for women, this means that you can get any of the separate range in a real size to fit you perfectly. As a result, I found in bigger surf, there was no bulging with too much water filling up inside or readjusting when you reach the surface. I am stoked to be wearing the separates because sometimes the struggle is real with a full wetsuit. This way you are in the water quicker, easier and you can choose any colour you want!!  https://www.seventhwave.co.nz/shop/Womens+Summer+Separates.html24878998 10155959703953029 804893125 o(1)
Sandy X-Over

SheSurf's review of a very customized Sandy X-Over, Hipster-cut [click to enlarge].

shesurfs review 640


Thandi Tipene on the women's MAX 3/2 Ti G&S Steamer

Thandi profile 440Taranaki surfer Thandi Tipene joined the Seventhwave team in May this year. Along with her husband Bach she had been with West Wetsuits for several years, but after taking out the women’s title at the recent Hyundai National Surfing Championships and with a WQS event in France on the horizon, she decided that changing to a New Zealand brand would benefit her profile.
Thandi approached us and naturally, we were delighted to welcome her to the team. We talked with her about her requirements as she was leaving for France at the end of that month. A few emails and measurement forms later, we had a custom-fit MAX 3/2 Ti ZB G&S Steamer ready for her European adventure.
Now that she’s back in New Zealand and in colder waters to boot, we’ve got a MAX 4/3 in production to give her the ultimate winter armour. We also decided to give her a buzz and ask her about her Seventhwave experience.

What led you to Seventhwave?
I wanted to ride for Seventhwave because they are a New Zealand-owned company that make top-of-the-line suits for all year round weather conditions. I also love that I can pick up the phone and discuss my next suit, knowing they will create exactly what I want and that it will fit my body perfectly. Within one week of my order my beautiful grey/blue wetsuit arrived at my house!
How are you finding your MAX 3/2 Ti G&S Steamer?
The fit is perfect, the stretch of the neoprene is insane and it's a really nice colour combo! It is also far superior in warmth to any wetsuit I have ever used. Even warmer than some 4/3 wetties I have had in the past.
What are the best things about your wetsuit?
Flexibility is so important, especially the thicker your suit gets. My suit is super stretchy but doesn't allow water to get in. Secondly, having my suit fit my body specifically (like a glove) is amazing. I no longer have gaps on my lower back. I also have a very small waist and no suit has fit properly until my MAX! Thirdly, being able to order a suit and have it go into production the same day or even the following day. The Seventhwave team are friendly and super helpful. Can't wait to properly meet them… maybe in summer I will go down haha.
How are you finding that a custom fit wetsuit is different to other ones? 
Each body shape is so different to the next. I for one have found in the past that suits haven't fitted me in certain areas, but because Seventhwave take a full body measurement, you get the best fit! It means your body stays warmer and that minimal water gets into your suit.
Would you recommend Seventhwave to others?
Definitely! How could I not recommend a wetsuit which has been the best I have ever had. All you need is 15min and someone to help you to get your measurements and then pick colours. And you’re done! You will have a perfect fitting suit with custom colours that no one else has. A suit that’s super stretchy and warm!
Anything else you'd like to add?
It’s been really good riding Seventhwave suits in the North Island and even overseas, because a lot of people that have heard a little bit about Seventhwave have been asking questions like what are the suits like in terms of stretch, warmth and durability? How much are they? And whether they are worth getting over some of the largest companies around. They love the colours, design, and custom fit.

Thandi Tipene
New Plymouth, Taranaki
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Proudly Kiwi homegrown - Seventhwave

From Smorgasboarder #11, the All Black Issue.

Smorgasboarder SWspread smallest

Seventhwave Wetsuits might not yet be a household name in Australia, but travelling North to South in New Zealand, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more loyally supported brand of wetsuit by the locals. We were fortunate enough to try a great selection of their suits for all conditions on our trip.

I must admit I have fallen in love with all things New Zealand and the Seventhwave wetsuits were no exception.

Everyone has a different body shape and for that reason certain wetsuits suit certain people. A standout feature of all the Seventhwave wetsuits for me personally, was the fit. I found them incredibly comfortable.

Another positive was the speed at which they dried. The Seventhwave suits dried the quickest. No one likes putting on a wet wetsuit. It sucks.
Our requirements were pretty stiff. We surfed several times a day and didn’t really give the suits much time to dry. They were literally hung up in the bathroom of our motorhome and didn’t even get aired at night as we experienced torrential rain for the first week of our trip.

So why do they dry so quickly? Apparently it is because the Japanese Yamamoto neoprene featured in Seventhwave wetsuits use a special polymer made from limestone as opposed to petroleum and this enhances their drying capabilities and eco credentials. Further to this, the neoprene cells are filled with nitrogen to prevent water penetration.

The other thing that sold me on Seventhwave was the business itself. We visited the factory in Christchurch on our third last day and were graciously given a trip through the factory by owner, Paul Zarifeh. All suits are handmade on the premises and the company is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

We stress time and time again about the importance of supporting local industry. Australia, New Zealand, we are all brothers in arms. Think of the ANZAC spirit. If there was ever a time Christchurch needed us, it’s now. After what they have been through and their unyielding courage to get on with things, the guys at Seventhwave are deserving of our support and their great suits make it an even easier choice.

Notable points

  • These guys know cold water and how important it is to protect yourself from the elements. Based on the south island of NZ they have been building suits since ’87.
  • Custom fitting – Apparently around a third of people don’t fit a standard wetsuit so it stands to reason why it’s important to get the best fit, and hence best performance, from your suit. You can get your suit custom fitted using 22 unique measurements and even submit these online.
  • You can trade in your old Seventhwave wetsuit for a new one
  • The suits just don’t seem to get waterlogged and dry extremely quickly
Individual Reviews

smorgs max1Max Comp 1.5mm Ti FL ZB Steamer
(aka The Blue Flash)

I loved this suit. I felt fast in it. Maybe it was because it was just 800g. It was super flexible, super light and yet still very warm. It was so light but also stayed light. The Seventhwave suits didn’t get waterlogged, no matter how many hours you clocked up in the water. It was like someone covered me in blue body paint although I didn’t take kindly to the boys calling me “The Flying Smurf.”
  • Made entirely from super stretch 1.5mm titanium lined neoprene. Breathable flatlock stitching. Could wear this right through winter in NSW & QLD. Until this trip I hadn’t been a fan of chest zips but this suit completely changed my thinking. I am now a huge fan. Super lightweight and responsive (very unlike Captain Damage or his surfing).

smorgs max32Max 3/2 Ti G&S ZB Steamer
Glued + Blind Stitched Construction (aka The Star Trek)

I loved this suit as well and it looked just as cool. Similar in construction to the Blue Flash but this time a 3x2 combo with glued and blind stitched seams and fully taped to stop any nasty leaks. I hopped out of the surf in Christchurch completely bone dry. It was warm as. You would probably be fine in most places right through winter in this suit.

smorgs max43MAX 4/3 Ti G&S ZB Steamer
with interchangeable hood (aka The Ninja)

This is it for tackling serious cold water. I can’t imagine you’d need anything more unless you were actually in the Artic but then again, we wouldn’t know - we’ve never been. Still, this is super-flexible and ridiculously warm. In 12˚ Dunedin water the suit actually felt like it could be too hot due to the sunny conditions, meaning it would be perfect for a miserable winter’s day. Surprisingly not restrictive, which I expected a full suit like this would be. I’d still take some getting used to suiting up astronaut-style constantly though - you cold water guys and girls are pure tough.
A full custom-fit service is included in the price of this model.

smorgs jacketRetro Jacket

One part style, one part warmth, this trendy little top is perfect protection for those cool breezes when the temperatures are not too extreme. And with its retro stylings, you’ll automatically sprout a pencil moustache from pure awesomeness when you slip it on.

smorgs Hottop:SUPTitanium Hot Top LS

Perfect complement to your Seventhwave wettie or on its own with a pair of boardies. I wore it at Raglan with Seventhwave’s watershorts and was more than comfortable. Titanium-lined to reflect your body heat. Comes in short and long sleeve.

Watershorts/SUP shorts

A two in one board short combo, a 2mm neoprene inner keeps you warm and stops any unwanted rashes or chaffing. These shorts are perfect for getting out on your SUP when you don’t want to look like a Russian gymnast. I loved these and made plenty of use of them in the surf. A great alternative to boardies when the water’s chilling down and the boys need warming.



Kite:movement.com in Europe recently reviewed our MAX 3/2 Ti ZB Steamer for their readers.


quote.gif Either paddling, surfing or kitesurfing, the wetsuit is so comfortable and flexible that I barely feel it’s on. Whatever moves I make it feels comfortable. It’s definitely much warmer then my previous 3/2 wetsuit and it feels as warm as my 'old' 5/3 wetsuit.... I have no doubt that this is the most comfortable wetsuit I have ever used."
Check out the full review here.




ISOmag's review of the MAX 3/3 GS ZB Steamer, after being tested in the chilly rivers of the South Island [click to enlarge].

IsoMagWetsuitReview2011 small


Prototype Viper 4/3 canyoning suit

quote.gif I have been using my custom made canyoning wetsuit for about four months now and I still cannot believe how good it is! I have given it a hard time; scrambling on rough rock, sliding down watershutes and a bit of bush bashing, but it is showing no sign of wear and tear whatsoever.

When I spoke to the guys at the factory I was really concerned about the thickness of the neoprene: I could not believe a 4-3mm wetsuit would keep me warm in canyons where I would normally wear at least 7mm suits beefed up with layers underneath. But they talked me into trying it and it is great. The Titanium is keeping me so warm, I don’t need any extra layers even on those cold days. The flexibility and the weight of the suit is amazing too, a big step up from what I am used to….Canyoning wetsuits CAN be comfortable!

Many thanks to the team in Christchurch for providing me with the perfect canyoning wetsuit. The service they gave me was great. My expertise on the sport and their expertise on the wetsuits resulted in the perfect suit which allows me push the limits in the canyons.

Cheers guys!
Toine Houtenbos
For more pics of Toine check out our canyoning gallery



MAX 3/2 Ti G&S ZB Steamer

quote.gif I have been bodyboarding seriously for the last 3 years now, but have been engaged in water sports for the duration of my life (18 years), as I grew up on Great Barrier Island, which is on the NE coast of the North Island. Bodyboarding is a relatively underground sport in this country, let alone the world! And is a sport that requires unrestricted movement and flexibility similar to that of a gymnast.

The last wetsuit I had was an O’Neill Epic and I got that at the start of 2007.
It was a basic 4/3mm steamer, made out of relatively low quality neoprene (lacking in flexibility, strength and warmth). It was quite hard for me to find a suit that fitted me well (because of my build) and I had to try on about 6 different wetsuits to find one that was a reasonable fit. Still... it was quite loose in the legs and too short in the arms. Within 9 months of purchasing it (and only using it a couple of times per month) the material around the forearm/elbow region on both arms began to break and some of the seams began to split. So I sent it off to get repaired… after 4 more repair jobs, I decided it was time to upgrade as my level of performance and participation in competition grew.

After a lot of thought and consideration I decided that it would be best for me to get a custom made wetsuit through Seventhwave, as I had heard that their wetsuits are amazing and that they specialize in custom made wetsuits.

So I emailed Paul through this website and explained to him what I did and the requirements of my sport. He then replied the next day, saying that the best suit for me would be a custom Max 3/2 Titanium Zipless Superstretch Steamer.
I was quite surprised at how easy it was to order; all I had to do was fill out a custom order form (with all my measurements and colour preferences) which only took about 10 minutes, then email it back to Paul… and waited ONLY 10 days for my new wetsuit to arrive.

The wetsuit looks amazing! I chose white and blue as my colour preferences and they go together perfectly, there is also a huge range of colours that you can choose from including red, green, black, pink, white, blue, grey etc.
It took a little while to get used to getting in and out of the Zipless neck entry system, but once I read the tips available on the website a few times I had it sussed.

The wetsuit was unlike ANYTHING I had ever experienced before, it fitted perfectly… like a second skin and the Yamamoto neoprene was of such high quality; super stretchy, strong and very warm.

I went to Port Waikato over the September school holidays and compared my old wetsuit with my new Custom Max 3/2 Titanium. The first difference I noticed when I put on my old O'Neill Epic was that the neoprene felt very stiff and rough. As soon as I entered the ocean I could feel water seeping through the backzip and seams of the wetsuit, and as I duck-dived I felt cold water running down the back of my neck and throughout my suit, which was quite uncomfortable and chilling!
When I changed into my new Seventhwave Wetsuit I noticed a number of differences before I even hit the water; the fit of the suit was absolutely superior, no loose flaps of neoprene anywhere, the suit also went all the way down to my ankles and wrists…unlike my old one, and the Yamamoto neoprene was a lot softer on my skin and felt very comfortable.

Out in the water, none of the seams were letting in any cold water and I didn’t get that sudden chill down the back of my neck when I duck-dived. I also noticed that the Yamamoto neoprene didn’t actually get wet until I’d been in the water for about 10 minutes and my body felt free to move around as if I was bodyboarding naked.

I would recommend that everyone reading this review should order a Custom Max 3/2 Titanium from Seventhwave now, It is by far the best wettie that I have ever used... let alone seen. It is amazingly warm for just a 3/2mm wetsuit, which is partly due to the fact that it is made out of very high quality neoprene and titanium but mostly because the wetsuit was custom made to fit my body measurements. Therefore it fitted me perfectly, unlike any other wetsuit I had tried on before.

I believe that the Custom Max 3/2 Titanium is the perfect wetsuit for bodyboarding or surfing as It gives you so much freedom of body movement and insulation, enabling you to stay out for hours. With no smoothie on the stomach I find that I can slide up and down on my board easily, making it easier  for me to complete spins and the front of the wetsuit feels more stretchy which assists in some of the more advanced aerial based maneuvers which require a lot of flexibility and free body movement."

Aran Naismith

AranNaismith.jpg AranNaismith1.jpg


SAD Vest

A great article on the amazing Surf All Day hydration vest. Click on the picture to read the article.

SAD Vest.jpg


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