Ray Singer

quote.gifBeen a wee while coming with this one, but as they say good things take time. And I think that's something that sums up your products really well. Not so much in the making of your products - the speed to which you can custom fit, cut, print, stitch, glue and finish your wetsuits amazes me. But the length of time that they last and the amount of good times they provide. 
I've been wearing Seventhwave wetsuits on average 2-3 times a week since I was 10 years old. That's a pretty serious chunk of my life - almost two thirds! I've had a couple of other suits during that time but they never stuck around long before getting back into my Viper or Max.
I came to the realisation that my time in the water is my most important personal time. I can be who I want to be out there, it's freedom. Why would I go out there in a wetsuit that isn't ideal just to save a few bucks? 
Being able to wear a wetsuit that physically allows me to excel is fantastic. But on a more emotional level, I just feel so damn good about wearing a Seventhwave wetsuit. It's like wrapping myself in warm fuzzies every time I hit the water. It's great to know and have seen with my own eyes that my wetsuit is made in a clean factory by New Zealanders who are passionate watersports lovers rather than in some far off stinky factory with low environmental standards by poorly paid workers.
Thanks Seventhwave, not only for your innovative and ever evolving products but also for sticking to your roots and staying New Zealand made. In a world (and surf industry) that's full of so much cheap, nasty and mass produced crap it's a humbling experience to have a wetsuit tailored to fit perfectly right here in Aotearoa. 
Ray Singer
Surfer and Kiteboarder

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