Quentin Bright

quote I bought a Custom-Fit MAX 3/2mm Titanium steamer via the web. The biggest concern I had was whether the gap between my location (Auckland) and Seventhwave’s location (Christchurch) would impact on the ability to get the right fit. I’m used to trying and buying in-store... I needn’t have worried.
I’ve been a Seventhwave fan for 7 years now. I had a MAX that lasted me from winter 2006 to winter 2011. I’ve had two Seventhwave springys over the same period, the only reason I’ve had two is because someone stole the first one, otherwise I reckon it would still be fine now. The only good thing I can say about the theft is that at least the thief had the good sense to get the best wetsuit brand in NZ! I also have a Seventhwave Hot Top and that is so good I hardly need the springy!

I could list a foolscap page worth of specific features  but warmth, flexibility and the Zip Bib entry are top of the list; these are the essential ingredients for a comfortable winter surf. Seventhwave's service is superb, Custom-Fit means I get a suit that fits me properly and the people at Seventhwave are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

I have recommended Seventhwave gear to surfing friends and acquaintances and a number are wearing it. I’ll keep on singing their praises to all and sundry too. I am a repeat customer and Seventhwave makes it easy to be one because they keep on delivering. Seventhwave know New Zealand conditions and they’ve got excellent products. If I had the dollars I’d be the guy that said “I love it so much I bought the company!” just so I know there’d always be a Seventhwave around while I’m around to need it!

It’s possible there’s a few sceptical folk out there that will go “Aww yeah, he’s just saying that because Seventhwave asked him to.” Well, let me say that I’ve been recommending Seventhwave unprompted and unequivocally for years. When I’m in the line-up and spot someone else wearing the gear, I always give the signal and get the knowing, satisfied response because those of us that wear it know!

I really respect and revel in the fact that a New Zealand company can develop such excellent surfing/water products and keep on innovating! There’s tough and deep lined pockets ‘out there’ but Seventhwave is any one of them’s measure. Here’s to Seventhwave's next 25 years! And beyond!!

Quentin Bright

Quentin Bright

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