Melanie Jane

quote.gifJust wanted to let you know that I had a surf in my new Seventhwave wetsuit and it was amazing - it is actually beyond my expectations! The suit is sooo warm and light and comfortable my surfing experience was on a whole other level!

The day I went out was sunny but not that warm with a bit of a cold wind, and I had no boots, gloves or hood. As soon as my feet hit the water I thought - this is so cold I should have had booties on as my feet were aching. I remember thinking Oh well I won't be out for more than 45 minutes so its hardly worth going back for them. However I was able to stay out for over an hour and a half (long time for me outside of summer). I had thought the cold would be my limiting factor - but it wasn't at all in the end - it was time, as I had to get out to get to work!

Despite being initially cold my feet and hands didn't get uncomfortably cold and I could actually feel them warming up! I could also feel the warmth reflecting back to my core from the orange thermal layer (Zirconium). When I got out of the water I realised that my feet and hands were not nearly as cold as they usually get. A little cold, as would be expected but not numb and losing function!

I also found the lightness of the suit a huge contrast to the heavy waterlogged feeling of my old Ripcurl Flashbomb one, which must weigh over 3kg when wet! The lightweight neoprene of my new suit made paddling and popping up seem easier (which is always a bonus for latecomers to surfing like me!) All in all the whole experience of surfing was more enjoyable in my new suit.

Everything your advertising says about your suits is so true for me; definitely the thinnest, warmest, lightest best fitting suit I've worn.

So thanks very much indeed - I am SUPER stoked with my new suit and look forward to getting out surfing in it over the winter, as I can see that the cold won't be a limiting factor for me any more!

Best regards
Melanie Jane

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