Craig Morgan

quote Now that I have just ordered my Seventhwave Hot Top as an extra piece for summer, I feel a few words on this amazing kit are in order.
My Seventhwave "quiver" of gear has grown over the last few years and all of it has given relentless performance and kept me very warm. I'm always getting good comments and asked about my wetsuits and especially the Surf All Day Vest.

My first purchase was a Max 3/2 G&S Ti (Custom-Fit) a few seasons back. I have thrashed this every year and especially so this winter. The suit still looks quite new, but I've always looked after it, keen to keep it in good shape.I have recently sent it off to the boys in Christchurch for a small (self induced) tear. The repair service is quick and of very high quality. In the time it was away I dusted off my older but still great condition and quality brand steamer. The difference is crazy, it feels bulky and thick with restricted movement compared to my Seventhwave. I had completely forgotten about the cold kidney killing back flush, something that will never happen in my Max.

I surf a longboard as we have an amazing little break for it, but I've recently started stand up paddle boarding. All my Seventhwave gear is absolutely made for this sport. Both the Max steamer and my Max spring have all the stretch and movement in them to give you tons of flexibility and paddle time.
I purchased a Surf All Day vest when it first came out (told you I was a Seventhwave groupie). I believe these are an essential piece of gear for any SUP rider. I use mine over my Max spring, or just over a Hot Top or on its own on hot summer days. If I'm going on a long paddle its loaded up with cold juice, bananas, protein bars, sunscreen the works. Out in the wind it offers another layer from wind chill, something SUP riders suffer without realizing. The cut around the arm is perfect for full and seamless paddle movement and no chaffing. At all!

Being out on the water is something I have grown to love, with great quality kit, it makes the experience twice as enjoyable, any time of the year I have no regrets about any of the equipment or investment I have made with my Seventhwave gear.
When I look at what my son spends on his good hunting kit to stay warm its especially so.
Supporting a New Zealand company that makes it all at home is an easy decision for me, keep up all the awesome work guys.

Craig Morgan
Ohope Beach
Bay of Plenty

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