Alethea Lock

quote My Dad has always been into Seventhwave and when I was a young grommet he got me my first suit for Christmas. I was so stoked and ever since then I've gone back.

Growing up surfing Sumner with Kristi Zarifeh meant we loved to have matching suits. It was always fun going into Seventhwave together to order our custom-fit suits and get matching colour combinations! Nowadays I still love the custom fit, comfort, flexibility and warmth and the unique colour combos on offer.

As a result I wouldn't rush to get another brand. Seventhwave suits are just too good. You are guaranteed a custom-fit that is comfortable, flexible and just what you ordered, and it will be ready within a week! You can customize your suit from colours, thickness, prints—right down to the type of stitching. From what other people have told me who have worn other brands, Seventhwave has been their favourite. Whenever I travel overseas or even up to the North Island, girls are always commenting on how cool my suits look.

I like how I can get the perfect suit for whatever the conditions. Whether I want an extra warm suit for the cold Dunedin winter waters, a lightweight suit for competitions, or even wetsuit shorts and Hot Top for surfing in tropical waters overseas, I know I can trust Seventhwave to help me out with whatever I am after.

I also love the range of colours you can get. Being able to choose the colour combinations makes your suit more individual and unique to you instead of just being part of all the other black blobs in the lineup. It’s always fun deciding what colours to get! And once again, custom-fit is awesome! The fit allows for comfort and warmth as well as being able to freely move. I recently got a MAX 4/3 suit with plush [zirconium fluffy lining] and it is too good. I went surfing out at St Clair and I was sweating in my suit. Having a warm suit definitely motivates you and makes it a lot easier to get out in the water on those freezing cold, even snowing days.

When I am surfing around the South Island, whether it is in Dunedin, Christchurch or on the West Coast, I notice that there are a lot of surfers wearing Seventhwave, they look almost like a gang and it looks really cool amongst the crowd of surfers to see the colourful suits. The have a friendly vibe about them. The Seventhwave gang definitely look way cooler than anyone else out in the water!

I love all my Seventhwave suits and would definitely recommend them. I still have suits from 6 years ago which would be good to wear if I still could fit them! From what I have heard, they last longer than every other suit on the market. If you buy a Seventhwave suit it will be your friend for life.

Alethea Lock
2012 South Island surfing champ & New Zealand representative to the ISA World Junior Championships

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