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quote.gifOver the years I have use all sorts of hot tops, compression shirts and wet suit tops while stand up paddling. But all of them had something that I was unsatisfied with; I would get too hot or too cold, I would get rashes, and some of the wetsuit tops were so tight it was a battle to get them on and off-especially when wet. This new 50/50 top seems to have nailed the magic formula; I don’t get too hot or too cold, never get any rashes and its super stretchy and easy to take on and off. It is perfect for the NZ summer climate, the long lycra sleeves give you a little bit of warmth when the wind gets up, and total sun protection. I get the feeling it will be the only top I will use flat water and surf SUPing this summer."

Cormac McCullough

Cormac2 Cormac1-529

quote.gifJust wanted to let you know that I had a surf in my new Seventhwave wetsuit and it was amazing - it is actually beyond my expectations! The suit is sooo warm and light and comfortable my surfing experience was on a whole other level!

The day I went out was sunny but not that warm with a bit of a cold wind, and I had no boots, gloves or hood. As soon as my feet hit the water I thought - this is so cold I should have had booties on as my feet were aching. I remember thinking Oh well I won't be out for more than 45 minutes so its hardly worth going back for them. However I was able to stay out for over an hour and a half (long time for me outside of summer). I had thought the cold would be my limiting factor - but it wasn't at all in the end - it was time, as I had to get out to get to work!

Despite being initially cold my feet and hands didn't get uncomfortably cold and I could actually feel them warming up! I could also feel the warmth reflecting back to my core from the orange thermal layer (Zirconium). When I got out of the water I realised that my feet and hands were not nearly as cold as they usually get. A little cold, as would be expected but not numb and losing function!

I also found the lightness of the suit a huge contrast to the heavy waterlogged feeling of my old Ripcurl Flashbomb one, which must weigh over 3kg when wet! The lightweight neoprene of my new suit made paddling and popping up seem easier (which is always a bonus for latecomers to surfing like me!) All in all the whole experience of surfing was more enjoyable in my new suit.

Everything your advertising says about your suits is so true for me; definitely the thinnest, warmest, lightest best fitting suit I've worn.

So thanks very much indeed - I am SUPER stoked with my new suit and look forward to getting out surfing in it over the winter, as I can see that the cold won't be a limiting factor for me any more!

Best regards
Melanie Jane

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quote.gifBack in Sydney I'd get cold in my O'Neill Psycho 2 3/2mm after a couple of hours in 18º water and 10-15º air temps. And South Coast winter trips I'd be pulling on the booties when the water hit 16º. Now I surf in my Seventhwave 3mm Viper and I'm good on what I've come to call 10-10 days. That's 10º water and 10º air. I am wearing booties, gloves and a hood on these days but I'm comfortable. The booties don't come on until the water temp is well below 15º. Hood at 12º and gloves at 10º. Before I moved here (Christchurch) I was imagining a 5mm wetsuit and thinking I wouldn't surf much over winter. Now it's a whole new world. My wetsuit is so warm I'm thinking of getting a 2mm version for our summer here in Christchurch that's 18º water.

So thanks for the great product. Totally worth the money. And for all the Aussies out there, the exchange rate makes them about the same price as any other top line wetsuit, and I don't think any of them come close to being as warm.

James Gardner


quote.gifI'm a massive fan of my wetsuit. I have the Viper 3/3 ZB and 5+ years down the track it's still going strong. I wear it during autumn/winter/spring seasons and have a sleeveless from you guys for summer.
I didn't think a 3/3 would be thick enough at the time but it continues to prove otherwise and with the Custom-Fit it's been amazing to surf in, head and shoulders above my old suit.

So far two friends have converted to Seventhwave wetsuits since buying my own as I was always able to stay out in the surf much longer than they were, something they didn't understand as they were in 4/3 suits.
Now that they surf in your wetsuits, they wouldn't dream of going back.

Such a light suit when wet and warmer than any thicker suit I've worn. I'm genuinely pleased to have swapped over to Seventhwave 5+ years ago and no doubt I'll be back in the future.

Kind regards
Richard Mellis

Richard Mellis Seventhwave Feedback

quote.gifBeen a wee while coming with this one, but as they say good things take time. And I think that's something that sums up your products really well. Not so much in the making of your products - the speed to which you can custom fit, cut, print, stitch, glue and finish your wetsuits amazes me. But the length of time that they last and the amount of good times they provide. 
I've been wearing Seventhwave wetsuits on average 2-3 times a week since I was 10 years old. That's a pretty serious chunk of my life - almost two thirds! I've had a couple of other suits during that time but they never stuck around long before getting back into my Viper or Max.
I came to the realisation that my time in the water is my most important personal time. I can be who I want to be out there, it's freedom. Why would I go out there in a wetsuit that isn't ideal just to save a few bucks? 
Being able to wear a wetsuit that physically allows me to excel is fantastic. But on a more emotional level, I just feel so damn good about wearing a Seventhwave wetsuit. It's like wrapping myself in warm fuzzies every time I hit the water. It's great to know and have seen with my own eyes that my wetsuit is made in a clean factory by New Zealanders who are passionate watersports lovers rather than in some far off stinky factory with low environmental standards by poorly paid workers.
Thanks Seventhwave, not only for your innovative and ever evolving products but also for sticking to your roots and staying New Zealand made. In a world (and surf industry) that's full of so much cheap, nasty and mass produced crap it's a humbling experience to have a wetsuit tailored to fit perfectly right here in Aotearoa. 
Ray Singer
Surfer and Kiteboarder

Ray Kiteboarding small Ray-Catlins small

quote.gif I've been surfing and chasing adventure all my life, all around New Zealand, Indonesia, Hawaii and America, but a serious back injury a few years ago had me struggling to handle the cold winters without seizing up. I had always heard the Seventhwave wetsuits were the best and their custom MAX sounded great, but it did cost a bit more than the usual ones on the market. The problem was, the usual wetties on the market weren't good enough to keep my back from seizing up unless I went to about a 5mm one and then I could hardly move.

I bit the bullet and paid a bit more for the Seventhwave custom MAX 3mm and that wetty has kept me warm as toast for the last 3 winters. Because the 3mm is enough to keep me so warm in winter I haven't had to sacrifice the flexibility like in a 4mm or 5mm and I'm still out surfing even with the back injury. Even after 3 seasons its still going strong, so in the long run its cost me less cause it lasts so much longer.

I tell everyone about Seventhwave cause they're just so good. Warmer, stronger, more flexible... its what we all want when we're surfing, and here they are, New Zealand made.

Get one, you definitely won't regret it!

Patrick 'Patch' Bonner
Surfer, Artist, musician and Seventhwave convert
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quote I Found it extremely easy to deal with Seventhwave, and the advice was good and custom fit was a bonus. I also enjoyed supporting a NZ company. When you buy from big name offshore brands you are just buying a commodity with a brand name. The image may be good but for me there is not much soul in the product.
Buying from NZ, and especially from Christchurch at the time (a few months after the earthquake), also seeing a handmade product swung it for me.

My Viper is very warm - too warm for much of the year here at Muriwai Beach and I should have taken Paul’s advice and gone with the 3/2 not the 3/3. It’s also very water tight and only lets in the smallest amounts of water, which I’m sure is why it’s warm!
Quality of manufacture seems good, but I need more time with the products I’ve bought to know how they will compare.
Real handmade product  by people with experience and know how (not some person whose never even seen the surf in a factory in China).
It’s hard I know in a ‘commodity’ type world, where most people buy either on price or because they’ve been brain washed by a brand, but I’d like to see more surfers in your suits. I’d hope you can continue to make and sell your products in the same way and more people will see the benefit of supporting products and businesses like yours in the future. Maybe you can focus on what makes you different and better in those ways?

Mark Kenington
Muriwai NZ

Mark Kenington

quote.gifMany thanks Paul and team for the swift making and despatch of my invaluable wetsuit.  My first and only, I expect.
I've taken it out twice to a gorgeous little beach near here, which I had to myself.
It fits well.  It was great to be able to face the sea in my body armour and tell it, "You're not going to intimidate me anymore with your cold."
It was like being a kid again, being able to get straight into the water without a second thought about temperature.
As far as I can remember, it's about 27 years since I had a swim at a local beach - can you believe it ?!  I am treating it with kid gloves - almost literally.

Many thanks from another satisfied customer,
Sue Cope, Auckland

P.S. It arrived on Valentine's Day ; another nice touch !

Auckland beach

quote Now that I have just ordered my Seventhwave Hot Top as an extra piece for summer, I feel a few words on this amazing kit are in order.
My Seventhwave "quiver" of gear has grown over the last few years and all of it has given relentless performance and kept me very warm. I'm always getting good comments and asked about my wetsuits and especially the Surf All Day Vest.

My first purchase was a Max 3/2 G&S Ti (Custom-Fit) a few seasons back. I have thrashed this every year and especially so this winter. The suit still looks quite new, but I've always looked after it, keen to keep it in good shape.I have recently sent it off to the boys in Christchurch for a small (self induced) tear. The repair service is quick and of very high quality. In the time it was away I dusted off my older but still great condition and quality brand steamer. The difference is crazy, it feels bulky and thick with restricted movement compared to my Seventhwave. I had completely forgotten about the cold kidney killing back flush, something that will never happen in my Max.

I surf a longboard as we have an amazing little break for it, but I've recently started stand up paddle boarding. All my Seventhwave gear is absolutely made for this sport. Both the Max steamer and my Max spring have all the stretch and movement in them to give you tons of flexibility and paddle time.
I purchased a Surf All Day vest when it first came out (told you I was a Seventhwave groupie). I believe these are an essential piece of gear for any SUP rider. I use mine over my Max spring, or just over a Hot Top or on its own on hot summer days. If I'm going on a long paddle its loaded up with cold juice, bananas, protein bars, sunscreen the works. Out in the wind it offers another layer from wind chill, something SUP riders suffer without realizing. The cut around the arm is perfect for full and seamless paddle movement and no chaffing. At all!

Being out on the water is something I have grown to love, with great quality kit, it makes the experience twice as enjoyable, any time of the year I have no regrets about any of the equipment or investment I have made with my Seventhwave gear.
When I look at what my son spends on his good hunting kit to stay warm its especially so.
Supporting a New Zealand company that makes it all at home is an easy decision for me, keep up all the awesome work guys.

Craig Morgan
Ohope Beach
Bay of Plenty

CraigMorganWeb1 CraigMorganWeb2

quote I bought a Custom-Fit MAX 3/2mm Titanium steamer via the web. The biggest concern I had was whether the gap between my location (Auckland) and Seventhwave’s location (Christchurch) would impact on the ability to get the right fit. I’m used to trying and buying in-store... I needn’t have worried.
I’ve been a Seventhwave fan for 7 years now. I had a MAX that lasted me from winter 2006 to winter 2011. I’ve had two Seventhwave springys over the same period, the only reason I’ve had two is because someone stole the first one, otherwise I reckon it would still be fine now. The only good thing I can say about the theft is that at least the thief had the good sense to get the best wetsuit brand in NZ! I also have a Seventhwave Hot Top and that is so good I hardly need the springy!

I could list a foolscap page worth of specific features  but warmth, flexibility and the Zip Bib entry are top of the list; these are the essential ingredients for a comfortable winter surf. Seventhwave's service is superb, Custom-Fit means I get a suit that fits me properly and the people at Seventhwave are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

I have recommended Seventhwave gear to surfing friends and acquaintances and a number are wearing it. I’ll keep on singing their praises to all and sundry too. I am a repeat customer and Seventhwave makes it easy to be one because they keep on delivering. Seventhwave know New Zealand conditions and they’ve got excellent products. If I had the dollars I’d be the guy that said “I love it so much I bought the company!” just so I know there’d always be a Seventhwave around while I’m around to need it!

It’s possible there’s a few sceptical folk out there that will go “Aww yeah, he’s just saying that because Seventhwave asked him to.” Well, let me say that I’ve been recommending Seventhwave unprompted and unequivocally for years. When I’m in the line-up and spot someone else wearing the gear, I always give the signal and get the knowing, satisfied response because those of us that wear it know!

I really respect and revel in the fact that a New Zealand company can develop such excellent surfing/water products and keep on innovating! There’s tough and deep lined pockets ‘out there’ but Seventhwave is any one of them’s measure. Here’s to Seventhwave's next 25 years! And beyond!!

Quentin Bright

Quentin Bright

quote My Dad has always been into Seventhwave and when I was a young grommet he got me my first suit for Christmas. I was so stoked and ever since then I've gone back.

Growing up surfing Sumner with Kristi Zarifeh meant we loved to have matching suits. It was always fun going into Seventhwave together to order our custom-fit suits and get matching colour combinations! Nowadays I still love the custom fit, comfort, flexibility and warmth and the unique colour combos on offer.

As a result I wouldn't rush to get another brand. Seventhwave suits are just too good. You are guaranteed a custom-fit that is comfortable, flexible and just what you ordered, and it will be ready within a week! You can customize your suit from colours, thickness, prints—right down to the type of stitching. From what other people have told me who have worn other brands, Seventhwave has been their favourite. Whenever I travel overseas or even up to the North Island, girls are always commenting on how cool my suits look.

I like how I can get the perfect suit for whatever the conditions. Whether I want an extra warm suit for the cold Dunedin winter waters, a lightweight suit for competitions, or even wetsuit shorts and Hot Top for surfing in tropical waters overseas, I know I can trust Seventhwave to help me out with whatever I am after.

I also love the range of colours you can get. Being able to choose the colour combinations makes your suit more individual and unique to you instead of just being part of all the other black blobs in the lineup. It’s always fun deciding what colours to get! And once again, custom-fit is awesome! The fit allows for comfort and warmth as well as being able to freely move. I recently got a MAX 4/3 suit with plush [zirconium fluffy lining] and it is too good. I went surfing out at St Clair and I was sweating in my suit. Having a warm suit definitely motivates you and makes it a lot easier to get out in the water on those freezing cold, even snowing days.

When I am surfing around the South Island, whether it is in Dunedin, Christchurch or on the West Coast, I notice that there are a lot of surfers wearing Seventhwave, they look almost like a gang and it looks really cool amongst the crowd of surfers to see the colourful suits. The have a friendly vibe about them. The Seventhwave gang definitely look way cooler than anyone else out in the water!

I love all my Seventhwave suits and would definitely recommend them. I still have suits from 6 years ago which would be good to wear if I still could fit them! From what I have heard, they last longer than every other suit on the market. If you buy a Seventhwave suit it will be your friend for life.

Alethea Lock
2012 South Island surfing champ & New Zealand representative to the ISA World Junior Championships

Leathy panama small Alethea Panama small

quote Ive had two great surfs in my new MAX 3/3 and it's fantastic thanks. I know we don't get it as cold in Auckland as you fellas down there but I'm starting to think I would have been better off with a 3/2 even through winter. I was pretty cold in my old 3/2 so was thinking 3/3 for winter would be sensible (I'm from Wales where a 5/3 is essential for winter) but I was not expecting to be quite so hot! So perhaps I'll think about getting a 2/2 when spring comes.

It really feels good on, no two ways about it, so I am super pleased. I've gotten a few second looks in an all red wetsuit and I'm sure a few chaps will be thinking what's he all about? But I figured why go all black like everyone else if you have a choice not to?

So all in all I am one happy customer.

Keep up the good work, it's great to know there are a bunch of committed passionate folk looking after the water sport industry in NZ.

Jon Downing


quote While the time I spend in the islands is filled with boardie-surfing, the southern Pacific Ocean is frigid! Mind you, I am known for my spontaneous polar bear swims as far as Mason Bay in the middle of Winter! That could have been the reason I purchased a MAX 3/3 ZB from Seventhwave nearly two years ago and she’s still going strong showing very little wear!

As a Sumner resident for nearly two years I grew to love living on Scarborough Road. A short jog down with my Sadhana South Island fish in the middle of winter, sweating my arse off in my wettie, had me riding the long rollers most of the stalwarts still in Christchurch love! I guess I shouldn’t go into how hot after a run to Taylor’s was! But does it matter? Nah, body heat was always up therefore I stayed in the water longer. Being a Dunedin resident, with occasional trips to the islands, over the last two years I’ve gotten used to everything southern: the swell, the wind and the bloody cold current!

This wettie can take it all. Oh, did I mention it’s been on quite a few dives in that time? At 10m, it even keeps me warm for those valuable moments I can hold my breath hoping for a bigger fish than the one I saw on my way down. These suits are worth their weight in gold.

Inky (AKA Jeffery Fitting)

quote I’m a 48 year old female accountant. Winter coincides with our busy tax season so I usually hibernate in my office next to the heater and work my way through winter. Last summer we bought a section beside a waterski lake and have been waterskiing practically daily. Heading into Easter I wondered how my new addiction would cope with the declining temperatures. Previously I had been wearing Seventhwave springsuit so purchased a custom-fit Viper 4/3 Steamer. The only words to describe it are “absolutely incredible”. I never dreamt I would still be waterskiing in July. The water simply doesn’t get in, my swimsuit underneath stays dry. The trick with the plastic bag makes it very easy to get on and off. Its also comfortable and flexible.

I’m usually the first person to feel the cold just in normal day to day conditions and people can’t believe I’m still waterskiing – I can’t! It’s the suit not me! As an amateur skier being able to waterski through winter means I don’t have to relearn my skills next summer! It has saved my sanity (and therefore my husbands!

PS In fact when we were in Wanaka I did feel the cold tremendously on the ski field and I actually said to my husband Dean that I wish I was wearing my wetsuit – then I wouldn’t be cold!!!

Raelene Rees

Raelene small

quote I’m 56 years old and still feeling the stoke every time I’m in the water and that’s about 160 sessions per year. I surf all year, all conditions but as I get older the water seems to be getting colder.
Flexibility and warmth are important to me in a wetsuit and I found my Bodyline 4/3 Steamer kept me warm but slowed me down due to the lack of flexibility in the shoulders. Wanting to continue to support NZ Made I contacted the guys at Seventhwave and was encouraged to try the MAX 3/2 Ti G&S Steamer which they assured me was all I would need here in the lovely warm Bay Of Plenty. I was skeptical at first but found that the 3/2 with Titanium kept me warmer than my Bodyline 4/3 and I had three winters wearing the suit every surf.

The past season it only got used when the wind chill was a major factor. I had strayed to the ‘darkside’ and thought my luck was in when I picked up an F-Bomb 3/2 at a half price sale 18 months ago. Yes, it seems softer and more flexible but it doesn’t keep me as warm and hasn’t held its shape, and that’s after only one and a half winters. So I now find myself phoning Paul at Seventhwave to order my new Custom MAX. I won’t regret it.
An added bonus for me as a kneeboarder is that the Kevlar kneepads don’t wear out and they offer extra cushion for my old knees.
A couple of friends think I’m mad paying this much money for a wetsuit when you can get something that will do the job for half that on sale... I just smile and suggest they try one and then they’ll know why.
Thanks Paul and looking forward to the new suit
Howard Lorney
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Howard Lorney

quote We are a fairly outdoorsy family and like to have plenty of water adventures with our 3 children. We first bought a secondhand Seventhwave wetsuit for our son Luke, when he was 3 for sea swimming (splashing?) when we lived in Lyttelton. He is now 10, we have lived on the West Coast for 4 years and he is onto his 4th new Seventhwave wetsuit. His old ones now get passed onto his younger brother and sister. Luke describes the wetsuits as comfortable and warm, with stylish colours and are great for boogie boarding, kayaking and swimming in the sea and lakes. We find them indispensable for our family adventures and our children use them all the time in and on the water. 
Obstacles buying this product were probably price and that they seemed like luxury items. However, we get so much use from each wetsuit and they last incredibly well, so the price is well worth the investment. We get years of use from each one, plus we can trade them in once each of our 3 children have used them, which is awesome. I have friends who have bought wetsuits that may cost less but they last a fraction of the time the Seventhwave ones last. None of the wetsuits we've bought have needed any repairs at all and have maintained their thickness and shape excellently.
The specific feature we like is the durability and practicality of the wetsuits for children. Ours have used theirs heaps in chlorine, salt, kayaking, boogie boarding, lake swimming, watersliding and they just last and last. Plus they keep them toasty warm in chilly conditions.
Other benefits would be the fact that they are made locally, and that they are extremely durable and hard wearing. We have recommended Seventhwave to a number of our friends who have bought them as a result. The service has been always helpful and friendly.
All the best,
Diane Garside

Steve Garside kids small

quote Just tried out my new MAX 4/3 Ti G&S ZB Titanium Steamer last night at Waikuku. I went out in booties, gloves, and hood expecting the uncomfortable cold surf I was used to in my previous wetsuits. Getting into the water I was surprised at the fact that no water at all leaked through. After an hour rather than going back in from being too cold, I found myself taking of my gloves and hood feeling way to hot.

There is one problem now though. Now I can stay in the water for longer periods, I may now get in trouble with the boss that my productivity is down and the missus that I am never home :)

Thanks, this wetty has changed my life.

Allan Meredith
Dunedin (now Gold Coast)

allan meredith
quote.gif I had my first Seventhwave suit made 4 years ago—it was a Viper 3/2 GS ZB Steamer. I’m an irregular size so I've never had a perfect fitting wetsuit, so was stoked to be having one made by Seventhwave. The whole process from start to finish was awesome—understanding what I wanted from my suit, what conditions I would be using it in, the fitting, the communication, the service and after sale service (I live in Dunedin so it was great to have the confidence that if there was any problems with the suit I could send it back to the guys in Christchurch and it would be returned within a week).

Having a Custom-fit suit for me meant not only was I more comfortable surfing, but I was a lot warmer too—there were no areas that let water in or sagged, and all the warmth was locked in. I couldn’t believe how warm I was surfing in Dunedin—the water here is pretty cold and usually after an hour or two you start to feel it. In my Seventhwave suit I was surfing for 3hours+ and was only starting to get cold at the end, I was amazed.

A year later I was lucky enough to pick up a very cheap brand new Ripcurl Ebomb 4/3 (the luxury of always having a dry suit to put on was too good). I bought it at the end of summer and was loving it. As we got in to winter I quickly realized that my top of the line Ripcurl 4/3 was actually nowhere near as warm as my middle of the range Viper 3/2 from Seventhwave. I ended up just wearing my Seventhwave suit in the winter and keeping the Ripcurl 4/3 for summer (my Seventhwave was almost too hot in the summer!) People kept asking me why I was crazy enough to be wearing a 3/2 during Dunedin winter, and I kept saying to them every time: “because its warmer than my Ripcurl 4/3!”

Since then, and based on my boasts and recommendations about my Seventhwave suit, quite a few of my friends have had one custom made for them. All of them have raved equally about how great it is and how much warmer they are.

4 years down the track and I'm still wearing the same suit. It’s seen a lot of use over 4 years—I surf at least twice a week and more in the summer. It’s got some war wounds but it's still warm and comfortable. My Ripcurl suit started falling apart after 1 year—seams ripped, the back zip broke, holes in the knee pads. I started looking for a new suit a few weeks ago, and I didn’t bother checking the Ripcurl suits. I compared an Xcel Infinity 4/3 and then phoned Paul at Seventhwave. After a long chat with Paul about the benefits of having a custom made MAX 4/3 I was amped to get my new suit under construction. The price tag was daunting at first but Paul is great and appreciates returning business, and knows how much I love his suits. Even at full price these suits are a steal. Given the extra comfort and warmth you get wearing them, and the unquestionable quality of the material and workmanship, getting 4 years out of a suit you surf in 2+ times a week is awesome and worth the investment.

My new suit arrives soon and I can’t wait. I'm excited about surfing winter again. I will put my trusty Viper 3/2 back in the cupboard for summer as I know it will probably last me another 4 years of summer surfs and will still be warmer!

Thanks Seventhwave
Matt Collier

Matt small Matt small2


.quote.gif I slipped into my first Seventhwave wetsuit in the summer of 2010/11, but the story that sits in my mind as a perfect example of their quality suits, was what happened at the 2011 Kaikoura O’Neill Coldwater Classic. I had arranged for Paul to bring up my new MAX 4/3 Ti G&S ZB Steamer the day before the competition started. As with all other previous winter suits that I have had (O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcell, Quicksilver) I went for the 4/3. However, I found myself out in mid June in the frigid waters of the Antarctic current, seemingly sweating and overheating… I ended up switching back to my Max 2/2 Ti FL ZB Steamer for the rest of the event as I found this suit more suitable for the conditions.

What I have found with Seventhwave wetsuits is that through the ability to custom make their suits, it allows you to cut down the thickness of suit required. My height puts me into the category of a medium men’s, however my chicken legs seemingly belong in a 12-year-olds suit! With a custom suit the fit is perfect every time, eliminating the possibility of water pockets and chaffing. With this lesson learnt I have found myself in thinner suits, resulting in less rubber, more flexibility, and a more comfortable experience.

So with this in mind I highly recommend Seventhwave wetsuits, however you may have to be prepared to shed some rubber!

Christo Gilbert

Christo Gilbert small

quote.gif I was lucky enough to get a Seventhwave MAX 3/2 GS Titanium Custom wetsuit. This suit has proven to be the warmest suit I have ever owned. I got the suit in October thinking I would get October and November using the suit before the water warmed up—this proved to be incorrect. The first day I used the suit was a chilli October southwester in Taranaki, & I was amazed how the suit was. I spent a lot of time flushing water into my suit to cool down. The combination of a perfect fit and the Titanium lining made me feel like I was surfing in an electric blanket. The previous day I was using a O'Neil Psycho2 4/3 and was far from hot.

Having less rubber around your shoulders and nice flexible material makes this suit a pleasure to use. It is great to be able to use a 3/2 wetsuit all through winter. The ability to keep warm but not have to fight the bulky rubber around your shoulders is perfect.

Also in my first surf I had in the suit, I had three different people come up to me and say how amazing Seventhwave wetsuits were. This is a great testimonial for the brand and the quality of Seventhwave wetsuits.

With the water temp starting to drop here in Taranaki and the magic South Easters starting to blow, it's time to start thinking about pulling this suit back out. I am looking forward to being toasty and warm in this suit in the coldest of winter days.

Chris La Franchie

Chris La Franchie small


quote As most Kiwi's know, Wellington gets more than it's fair share of wild weather. Surfers here demand a wetsuit that can not only handle 8 degree winter water but also big Wairarapa swells that often go double overhead. Of the 11 members of the Wellington Fire Boardriders club, 7 of us wear Seventhwave wetsuits—some for nearly two decades!

The suits are very flexible, especially the Viper 3/3 Ti ZB Steamers—no more 5/4 Michelin men! And are lighter when wet than many other competitors wetties which is great for those 3 to 4 hour sessions. But most importantly they are warm, an absolute necessity here during a windy Welly winter! Plus they have the feel good factor of being Kiwi made & provide a good back up & repair service if we get dragged over rocks & reefs.
For my money Seventhwave wetsuits are second to none & I'd never buy another brand again—I am that impressed. Thanks Seventhwave—keep up the good work."
Tom Dunn
Wellington Fire Boardriders club

Firefighters small

quote I have just finished my third Dunedin winter in my custom MAX 4/3 wetsuit. I remember my suit arriving at my front door—it seemed to be so light and stretchy, so I was surprised with just how warm it was.
I have owned a lot of warm winter wetsuits over the years, from all the leading brands but none of them have been as warm as my MAX 4/3. I've surfed in storms, hail and snow and never been cold. I have been towed around behind a jetski all day in the middle of a Dunedin winter and not been cold once.

During the first winter I was lucky enough to have a new Seventhwave MAX 4/3 and a new Xcel 4/3. I wore the Seventhwave suit on the cold days and the Xcel on the warmer days, but it didn't take long to stop wearing the Xcel all together during winter and use it as a summer suit. The Seventhwave suit was a far better suit, it was warmer, it dried way faster, it was lighter, more flexible, more comfortable and it fit me perfectly as it was custom made for me.
I loved my suit and I thrashed it—I'm not a part time surfer, I surf a lot! Towards the end my suit had fin cuts and rips from the jetski trailer, but the stitching was still intact and I was still warm enough to survive a 8 degree water temp Dunedin winter and not even think about replacing it.
I am so happy with my Seventhwave wetsuit that I won't look at the mass produced Chinese made suits ever again—I'll give my money to a local NZ company and receive a far better product instead.
Thanks heaps and keep up the good work."
Homer Mattingly

Homer small2

quote.gif I have deliberately waited sometime before submitting my feedback on the MAX 3/3 that I bought three years ago, as all wetsuits are effective for at least 1 season (although I did once have an Australian suit that only lasted 9 weeks before the seams all cracked). My MAX is the best suit that I have ever had, and it's still in mint condition.

I live on the beach in Gissy and I use it very often. I do not get cold in it—it's as simple as that. The rubber is still soft, the seams do not leak, I do not get flushed, and I still enjoy the confidence of knowing that upon entering the water—no matter what—I will not be cold. It is also a pleasure to be paddling around in a wetsuit that is only 3mm thick.

I bought the custom made suit and it is a perfect fit. I recommend this, as fitting is so important. It was more in price but I am expecting to get at least 1 more season out of it (or more), so it evens out. Getting it on is easy but it is difficult to get off, however after three years mine now comes off a little easier. I am proud to wear a NZ Made suit, and glad that I bit the bullet and did not follow the crowd into a more common suit. I highly recommend and congratulate Seventhwave on producing maybe the worlds best wetty!"

John Griffiths


quote.gif Patrick and Carmen spend long days in their Seventhwave wetsuits training, racing and just playing. Optimist regattas are long an tough on the young kids. Conditions can be really rough. Patrick especially, pushes the limits and takes a few unplanned swims. They think your wetsuits are great. Comfy and warm. As a parent I'm grateful for a tough, quality, good fitting kids wetsuit. We especially like that they can be custom sized.

Cold is a real concern and can impact on a sailors performance. We have been at many regattas where kids have given up due to debilitating effects on cold bodies. Thanks to great gear and warm Seventhwave Wetsuits our kids never have. They even sail throughout winter in Christchurch with merino underneath their wetsuits, a windbreaker overtop, a good pair of gloves and a pair of your booties. Mad but keen! The Kids just keep growing so we really appreciate being able to trade in wetsuits for the next size up. This enables them to always have a good fit. 
Patrick, for the third year running, had great results at the NZ Optimist Nationals. 2008 National Green fleet champion, 2009 Top 11 year old, 2010 in the top five 12 year olds. His sister Carmen was top 10 year old in 2010 too and the youngest open fleet sailor. For the second year in a row Patrick represented New Zealand at the New Caledonia Optimist Nationals in December 2010. As lead up to this regatta he sailed about 10-12 hours a week to build up fitness and strength. His Seventhwave wet suit had a real workout!
With the speed they grow we will be regular customers for a while yet! Keep up the great work."
Brian and Kelly Haybittle

Haybittle2.jpg Haybittle1.jpg

quote.gif Thanks for my custom made buoyancy wetsuit: it is a perfect fit and is so comfortable."

Regards to all
Murray Duder


quote.gif Got my MAX 3/3 today and went for a quick surf at Blackhead. Pretty much the best I've ever surfed so safe to say that the suit is amazing. 
The arms are amazing in particular. With no seams under the arms it just feels like I'm a rubber band or something. There's just no resistance. I've been surfing a Ripcurl E-Bomb and thought this suit would be warmer but not more flexible but it's actually quite a bit more flexible than the E-Bomb. The fit in general is perfect. It even looks like me when I take it off. Also the colours are freaking rad. Something I didn't expect is that wearing a suit that is so bright makes surf a lot better. I mean you don't want to be a kook when everyone is looking at you (haha).
Yeah, you guys are in my top ten people at the moment."

Ed Saltau


quote.gif I have been meaning to write and say how pleased I am with my Custom Max 3/2 Titanium wetsuit purchased back in March 09. Being a windsurfer, I was concerned about cramping in the forearms caused by my previous full arm wetsuits. I need not have been concerned, the suit is so comfortable it is unbelievable.

I was also concerned 3/2 was not going to be warm enough, especially at the end of the season in April and early season in Aug/Sept. Again I need not have been concerned, I recall being too warm at Lake Coleridge and lake Clearwater last April!!

Technology has obviously moved on somewhat from my old winter wetsuit which incidently was manufactured by a company called Second Skin. I now have a proper second skin, thats exactly what it feels like.
Thanks again and copied below is a video of the suit in action. Happy New Year."

Neil Walker
(check out the video here, taken using a GoPro Camera).

Neil_windsurf1 copy.jpg Neil_windsurf2 copy.jpg

quote.gif Yes, totally delighted with the new wetsuit, although this 10 pounder fish wasn't so pleased to find me sneaking up, in my new olive and black outfit! Not bad for a first outing, eh? Have had a great summer spearfishing so far, the suit is perfect. Very flexible and comfortable, the custom fit is spot on.

Great product, great service, and the rest of the Waterline team are getting themselves measured up for a custom fit now.

Thanks heaps, gotta go, the tide awaits.

Brian Rogers
Sun Media Ltd.

quote.gif Like all keen surfers who are fortunate enough to live in the deep south of NZ, if you want to participate and be amongst the best waves on offer (that generally arrive in autumn and throughout winter), you need the best surfing wetsuit available to 'maximise' your surfing pleasure during this cold and sometimes frigid time of the year.

Having spent a lifetime dedicated (or preoccupied) with surfing, I have always appreciated any technological developments both in surfboard manufacturing and wetsuit construction. Recently I embarked on an information gathering exercise to learn that Japanese Yamamoto is considered the best alternative neoprene available to leading wetsuit manufacturing. Researching further I soon discovered the Paul and his team at Seventhwave has been utilising this neoprene for many years in the manufacture of top quality surfing wetsuits.

I was keen to try something new, so I made contact with Paul and after a short conversation was quickly able to establish what suit would be appropriate to my needs. What followed was a short visit to the factory outlet shop in Christchurch: I had my measurements taken, and within 5 working days I opened my front door to receive my brand new custom MAX 4/3 Hooded wetsuit. Incredible service.

I have now owned the wetsuit for over three months and have had plenty of usage during our cold winter of '09. The first thing I noticed is that for a 4/3 it is incredibly warm, lightweight and extremely flexible. The construction of the suit is excellent, with every seam carefully machine stitched, double glued and generously covered in Melco tape. Furthermore the 'dry time' is excellent, which is reassuring to know your wetsuit will be dry for the following winter morning!

The attention to detail and usage of the best materials available has resulted in the best wetsuit I have ever owned. I am stoked that I have finally found a wetsuit that is going to last more than just one season which is warm, flexible, lightweight, dries easily and most importantly, is NZ made.

Many thanks and congratulations to the Seventhwave team."

Stephen Brown

July 2009

quote.gif Second Wetsuit: Just received my wetsuit and I am stoked. The construction is flawless and the colours look fantastic. Thank you and your very skilled employees for tailoring another epic wetsuit. Bring on winter barrels!"

Best wishes
Stephen Brown
March 2011

quote.gif TRITON: I'm still amazed at how quick your team are able to deliver. Less than 2 weeks awesome!
More importantly the wetsuit fits perfectly and looks even better.

Today I wore the Triton for the first time...
With virtually no water penetration for the first hour I was stoked. Also I was pleasantly surprised that It's still good to paddle in even though its a 5/4/3!
The 7000 neoprene upstairs is a perfect combination with the Zirconium plush in the lower area.

On finishing my surf a friend of mine could not believe that the hood and shoulder area were still dry...! And was more blown away when I got back in for another surf straight away. Testament to a very warm suit.
The Triton wetsuit is another epic suit in the 7th Wave product range.
Thanks heaps
40 Year Old Grom
Stephen Brown
June 2012

Cover Up2.jpg Top Turn2.jpg

quote.gif I spoke to my uncle about our new suits and he said he's already had three surfs in his. He's stoked as, and he said to say thanks heaps for the mint suit and for being so helpful. He lives at Shipwreck Bay, Ninety Mile Beach. He's been surfing for the last 45 years and says it's the best steamer he's owned — flexible, warm and fits perfectly. You might see some orders come in from the far north once he starts raving to his old school surfy mates about how good his new suit is.

I would say the same thing as my uncle: I'm stoked with it. I always found other suits restricting when paddling and kiteboarding, but my new custom suit is mint, way more flexible — REAL WARM TOO. Fast, helpful and a great product. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a new wetsuit.

Once again, thanks heaps, and I will be placing more orders in the future."

James Taylor


quote.gif Surfing and tow surfing between Dunedin and Catlins: quite often when the surf's pumping in winter there's frost on the ground or it's snowing. I've been surfing in Dunedin all my life, I've owned Quicksilver, Rip curl, O'Neill, Bodyline and Xcel wetsuits and none have come close to the comfort and warmth of my 4/3 Hooded Max Titanium Seventhwave suit — its epic!!! Thanks Paul for making those cold pumping winter sessions last so much longer"

Jimi Crooks

Jimi_Crooks2.jpg Jimi_Crooks.jpg

quote.gif Surfing in Dunedin is a whole new ball game when it comes to water temperature: the ice cream headaches and cold flushes you endure put you off frozen items for life! A great wetsuit is absolutely essential to play among the polar bears, I just wish I had turned to Seventhwave earlier!
I approached Paul at a surf competition a while back and started chatting, then one thing lead to another, and there I was back at home, measuring myself for a brand spanking new 4mm Max Titanium custom with an interchangeable hood!!! The previous winter wetsuits I have used over the 5 years of surfing in the frigid waters of Dunedin have been marginal, but my Seventhwave is a cut above the rest: superior materials, manufacturing and service make it what it is today.
I have been wearing my custom Seventhwave wetsuit for over a year now, full on through summer and winter, it's still as warm as ever and I have nothing negative to say about them at all.
Thanks Paul and the team at Seventhwave!"
Geordi Dearns

Geordie2.jpg Geordi_Dearnssmall.jpg

quote.gif It's now mid winter in Wellington and I'm giving the freezing cold water the 'big finger' because I have just taken possession of a Max 3/3 titanium suit. For the last few years I have been getting less than a year 's wear out of my suits, which were an Oneill Psycho 2, Billabong Solution and a mid priced Xcel. These suits were never as warm as they claimed and within six months I had to start wearing a titanium rashie as the cells started to permanently compress in the neoprene. With the Seventhwave suit, I had a two hour session today feeling the warmest I have been in years, and there were still dry patches inside the chest area. 

My main concern with buying a Kiwi made suit was whether it would be as flexi as the super-flexi suits made in Asia. Due to the Max's clever design and construction, it has EXCELLENT flexibility especially in the shoulders/arms. I bought my suit online and the price included custom fitting and was at my doorstep in a week. The suit is bloody warm and flexible, I could not be happier with my purchase."

Muchas Gracias
Campbell Read

Cam_1.jpg CamSurf_1.jpg

quote.gif Wow! What service! Couriered from Coromandel Thursday morning and back on my doorstep Saturday, repaired and ready for the next swell, impressive!
Have been stoked with my custom fitted 3/2 steamer, into my third winter with it now. Ideal for the conditions we have up here. Very little restriction so max time in water.
I chose Seventhwave as it is NZ made and I know the temps you surf down in the south so you guys should have figured out how to keep warm.

Cheers, "see you in the surf"
Tony Keyworth (that's me in the middle).

tonyk.JPG tonyk2.jpg

quote.gif Wetsuit's nice!!! Super warm, light, love it."

Sam Mathers

Sam Mathers.jpg sammatherssmall.jpg

quote.gif I've been surfing for over 35 years, starting out in the freezing waters of Gore Bay, migrating north over time to Auckland via Wellington and the Wairarapa. Prior to buying my first Seventhwave wetsuits around 12 years ago I had tried suits from all the big brands — invariably I was disappointed. Since purchasing my first Seventhwave I have used no other brand — they simply don't match up in terms of warmth, durability and comfort.
I must admit the other key feature for me is N.Z. made — I  feel good about  supporting New Zealanders rather than a factory in Thailand and some American or Australian sponsored surfers."

Colin McKay
Technical Brand Manager: Novartis New Zealand Limited

Colin_McKay.jpg scan_1.jpg

quote.gif I received my 3/3 max custom last week. Fits like a glove and is a really nice leafy green colour too (perfect if there’s veggies in the line-up ‘cause you can blend in and take inside position). Anyway, having gone from Seventhwave to O’Neil and now back to Seventhwave, I am happy to report that this suit is fantastic. It’s super warm and is beautifully constructed. The neoprene is amazingly comfy.

Certainly as warm as a 4/3, if not warmer, and warmer than my old Psycho 2.

And it’s made in NZ which is ultimately what drove my decision to abandon the Chinese/Thai alternatives and return to a local product.

So thanks Seventhwave – a brilliant suit which I will promote in the shop with vigor!"

Kind regards,
John Dance, Wellington

quote.gif Just a note to say, I’ve been surfing for over 30 years and the Seventhwave Max 3/2 Steamer I bought off you 2 years ago is, by far, the best wetsuit I have ever had. Nothing else comes close! It’s incredibly comfortable and it’s so warm in the Auckland winter I have had to let water in to cool me off.

I’m going to need a new spring suit next season and I’ll be back to you for that.
Looking forward to seeing how your custom fitting over the internet works.
Thank for making my winter surfing so enjoyable"

Best regards
Campbell Such


quote.gif I would just like to comment on the proficient service Seventhwave provides! I have just spent a good part of 2 months surfing from Chile to Peru and although it was coming into summer, it still requires a significant piece of rubber... I hammered my suit, surfing up to 3 times a day in some places. This lead to some wear and tear issues and hole around a seam. I managed a self fix until I got home, then sent it to seventh wave expecting a phone call saying this is not something covered under warranty. However to my surprise I just received my Max 3/3 back from repair within 10 days of posting it to Christchurch! I read the note which said "This is the best way we can fix your problem suit, keep an eye on it & let us know if any further  problems."  From this comment and condition of the suit I expected there was not much they could do other than re-stitch it, however this was not the case.... The suit is like new, the neck has been replaced, the rubber around the problem area has been replaced and they even patched a hole in the leg.

All this for no charge. This makes me look forward to the winter here in the naki!

Thank you Seventhwave, you went beyond the call of duty and I now have near new suit again!"

Andrew Bishop
AndrewBishop.jpg AndrewBishop2.jpg

quote.gif Last year you custom-made a great 5mm steamer for me for my field work collecting kelp in the sub-antarctic. I am loving the wetsuit - thanks heaps!"



quote.gif These titanium Yamamoto neoprene suits are awesome! I happened to call into the Seventhwave Christchurch factory a few years ago when I was down there from my home town of Raglan and brought the second one these guys had made the first one went to DK who had just been down to Catlins. ( I think this was when he did the paddle in to those monsters?)

I surf at least 3 days a week and during daylight saving sometimes every day so it has been hammered. For North Island the 2/3 is great.  During the coldest winter sessions a fleecy rashie underneath keeps me real warm. The secret is the really close fit and therefore a thin layer of water that will get warm from body heat quickly. You would have to go up at least another MM to get the same warmth out of an  old neoprene suit. One of the best things about these suits if you surf a lot is the flexibility this neoprene is super stretchy so you don't feel like you have had a workout with a rubber band after a long session. The extra cost is absolutely worth it. My original is still going strong and will make a good cut down to a spring suit."

Lindsey Baker


quote.gif Living in the southern reaches of the Pacific leads any keen surfer to discern the differences in wetsuit technology between gimmicks and real quality.  In a market filled with claims and promises that often fall short, I decided to get serious about learning the differences that would give me the best value for money in my next purchase. I was no easy customer to win over when I first walked into the Seventhwave factory in Christchurch, as I’d been doing my research on the internet and had years of experience behind me. But it quickly became apparent that use of the best international materials, produced locally, by a company that stands behind their product is the best way to go. 

As for performance, my Seventhwave Max has met all my expectations of warmth, comfort, and durability. Out of all the top-of-the-line international brands I have used, none can match those essentials of quality. Add to that Seventhwave’s ability for customization, which is something I put great value on.  

I’m stoked that this is available in New Zealand so that I can support the development of local quality that matches anything in the world.  We’re all going to have just that much richer experience as a result." 

Matt Waite

quote.gif You and your people are up against some pretty big opposition in the mega dollars they have for advertising and sponsorship. What your team do have as an advantage is knowledge of and backup for your products. I am impressed with the way you and your people deal with customers. You seem to have a philosophy of trying to give the best advice and point the customer in the direction of the most suitable wetsuit for their needs rather than selling them what you have the most of in stock. You offer a custom suit service which not a lot of wetsuit stores can or do and you seem to go beyond the warranty offer to back your suits up. You also have a large range of suits and sizes which obviously is extended with a custom fit service.

On the use side I find the suits given good care outlast most if not all the other brands available and I guess this is due to both workmanship and materials. The wetsuits are warm and flexible and in each passing year seem to get thinner but warmer. Some of the suits currently on the market by other brands seem overcomplicated to me and look like they are designed with too much emphasis on aesthetics and will fall to bits in a short period of time. I think you people make sure your wetsuits are made to be used and last rather than to meet a current trend or be compromised by using cheaper or short life materials."

Neill Robb

profile_robb.jpg NeilRobb_1.jpg

quote.gif I have been a fan of Seventhwave wetsuits for several years now - ever since giving them a true road test whilst filming Great White Sharks off Stewart Island in Winter! I've worn many brands of suits over the years and the warmest one I've ever worn is the one that's made right here in New Zealand - by Seventhwave.
There are many marketing gimmicks out there in various magazines and shops - but I can honestly say that when you need to use your wetsuit in anger, and need top of the range performance, then all the other brands seem to talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - i.e. warm, flexible, durable suits in harsh conditions - which my Seventhwave wetsuit delivers everytime. I also have the Seventhwave Summer suit which is like surfing naked ! They are incredibly light, super flexible and streaks ahead of everything else in the water by sheer design excellence and comfort. After buying my first Seventhwave suit I have never bought anything else - and I'm very proud to wear my Kiwi made suit that's a World beater in the water."

Giles E. Pike
Television Director


quote.gif Have had fantastic service, love the product and the custom fit. Wouldn’t change a thing.
Maru Pou is a great ambassador for the company."

Wayne Foster

quote.gif My second to last Seventhwave steamer was so good, some turkey broke into our car in a Wellington Parking building and stole it.  Luckily I was able to organize a replacement pronto.  That’s lasted me 13 years surfing and windsurfing in Wellington’s gnarly conditions.  With windsurfing you have the extra demand of a harness wearing at the suit.  By always rinsing it and tending to any chinks caused by fins and the like with wetsuit glue, it’s gone the distance. I figure I’ve now earned a nice new 4/3 Viper Steamer which I hope will not outlast the rest my surfing and windsurfing days."

Rob MacIntyre


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Richard Mellis
Ray Singer
Patch Bonner
Mark Kennington
Sue Cope
Craig Morgan
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