quote It has been a while since I bought a wetsuit with you, but I still wanted to write a review for you, so here goes
Last year I came to New Zealand from the Netherlands to spend time with family and friends of my boyfriend who is from NZ.
I needed a new wetsuit and as his parents live around the corner from the Seventhwave wetsuit shop we went around to have a look.
After some discussion we came to the conclusion I might as well get a wetsuit custom made. The staff were very helpful and made adjustments several times to make sure the fit was just perfect for me. The wetsuit fits like a glove and is really warm.
I just came back from a surfing holiday in Morocco and the wetsuit still looks and feels like new.
I really like that it's very flexible, you hardly feel you are wearing it in the water.
When I was surfing at Devils Rock in Morocco a local guy in the water noticed my wetsuit and told me a story about the 7th wave
at that rock. There is a blowhole in the rocks and in August every year when the tide is at a certain level every 7th wave that comes in makes a big splash. Single women go stand next to the hole and when they get the ocean water over them it is said they are assured of finding a husband in the next year. The local guys are watching while the women are getting wet.
Anyway, I think Seventhwave is a really good brand and I would recommend the wetsuits to anyone!

Liesbeth Ruigendijk
Viper 4/3 ZB G&S
The Netherlands

Morocco Liesbeth2
                 Morocco - Photo: Lou Balcombe

quote My Viper 3/3 is very good. I used it all through the winter in France. It fits very well and the custom fit changed everything for me (I'm extremely fit) ;) With my previous wetsuits I was cold after one hour—your wetsuit is fatigless, I forgot the cold sensation, happiness! After 2 surf seasons the seams at the wrist level are a bit worn, so I would try taped seams like the MAX for the next suit.

A short video of me and the suit last weekend, in Lacanau: https://vimeo.com/44205938. I think its the last session of the year with the wetsuit, as the water is 17°C and it's too warm in the wetsuit. I am interested in your watershort....

To conclude, I really appreciate the product and your support.

David Delforge-Trolliet
Merignac, France

quote.gif My MAX G&S ZB Steamer is very comfortable and very warm; we've had a couple of good swells here lately, but in the midst of winter, a good wetsuit is a "must -have" to fully appreciate them.
That's what I've got now.

Bertrand Galtié
Bordeaux, France


quote.gif I received my MAX 3/2 G&S this week and tried it in cold and windy weather — the suit seems very good and very well made! The custom fit is good, I haven't got any problem with the fit in and out the water (except with the hood, which is slightly too big).

I am very happy because I can really see a difference between my MAX and my other suits; it is more warm and flexible than my 3/2 Ebomb and my 4/3 Mormaii feels like a dive suit now!

Didier Escassut
Lacanau, France


quote.gif I spent the 2010 summer canyoning in Europe, both guiding and recreationally. The European canyoners grunted through the canyons in 7mm one piece or 5mm two piece suits. I danced through the canyons in my Seventhwave Viper 3/3 — what a dream it was, with many envious onlookers! For the glacier-fed canyons I was toasty warm with a Hot Top and neoprene shorts underneath and comfortable from start to finish. Cheers Seventhwave!
Annette Phillips
Deep Canyon Guide


Liesbeth Ruigendijk
David Delforge-Trolliet
Bertrand Galtié
Didier Escassut
Annette Phillips

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