Peter Frazer

quote.gif Thought I would send a note on my 3/2 Max steamer which I bought at the start of last winter. Normally wouldn’t but you guys deserve to be given credit.
First thoughts out of the bag – felt heavier and stiffer to pick up and hold than expected considering the superlight/stretch tag. It felt heavier than my fully sealed/fleece Billabong 3/2 suits BUT as you have said the 3mm and 2mm are actually 3mm and 2mm, and I could see the difference in thickness against what both BB and Ripcurl call 3/2. The difference is really hard to believe. You can also see the quality in how you have put the suit together, how it has been taped.

First Wear – The first thing I noticed was the huge difference with the custom fit. I am 6’3”, 90kg and mid build and it was great to have something that fits properly. I have been struggling between the Large and MT sizes. None of the brands fit really well. The second thing I noticed was that suit doesn’t absorb water and whilst it felt heavier when I pulled it out of the bag, in the water it is just as light and flexible as my other much thinner supposed 3/2 suits. The stiffness of the material that I first felt also quickly loosened up. 

Warmth – You claim that the suit is warm. I couldn’t believe when I first saw your website that some of you guys in NZ were saying that you wear a 3/2 in winter. Now I understand. The suit is just what you say it is - it is very warm. It is practically water tight. No back flushes when I duck dive etc. It is without doubt warmer than my top of the range 4/3 Quiksilver, yet considerably more flexible and comfortable.

Quality – the quality has proved to be awesome. I surf a lot and after an entire season the suit shows no sign of any issues. To put it in perspective, I rarely get more than a season, season and a half tops, out of my other suits before they start to leak, peel up when I fall off but mainly pull apart at the chest and back pressure zones etc. Your suit is still practically like new. It currently looks like it has easily another 2-3 seasons.
Best steamer I have owned by a long way.
The $900 price tag is very confronting, and probably puts a number of people off. I was reluctant. But given the quality means it will last another couple of seasons, for me that means it becomes not much more expensive at the end of the day than the brand suits.

Pete Frazer
Cronulla Beach, Sydney


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