quote.gif The winter wetsuit (Max 3/3 G&S) has proven to be better than imagined… it has surpassed all expectations… it is warmer, more flexible and incredibly dry… sometimes I come in from a three hour surf and my heat rashy (also a pearler!) is dry on the shoulders. Both hoodies have been worn and proved super warm…. It is as comfortable in your gear as lying on my couch in my lounge room with a howling storm outside… cozy!!! Thanks,


BeachAus 2

quote.gif Hi, I am sending a great big thanks to you and all the guys at Seventhwave, the custom Max steamer that you made for me is “just awesome”.
I have been surfing since I was 12, that’s 53 years ago, it fits like a glove, warm as toast, once wet you don’t get the cold water flush, and just great to paddle in, no chaffing or binding. I only wish that I had bought one a lot sooner, Keep up the good work.
I have told a lot here in Yamba how good your product is, maybe more sales will come your way. Thanks again.

Manso (John Mansfield)

Manso News 2

quote.gif Thought I would send a note on my 3/2 Max steamer which I bought at the start of last winter. Normally wouldn’t but you guys deserve to be given credit.
First thoughts out of the bag – felt heavier and stiffer to pick up and hold than expected considering the superlight/stretch tag. It felt heavier than my fully sealed/fleece Billabong 3/2 suits BUT as you have said the 3mm and 2mm are actually 3mm and 2mm, and I could see the difference in thickness against what both BB and Ripcurl call 3/2. The difference is really hard to believe. You can also see the quality in how you have put the suit together, how it has been taped.

First Wear – The first thing I noticed was the huge difference with the custom fit. I am 6’3”, 90kg and mid build and it was great to have something that fits properly. I have been struggling between the Large and MT sizes. None of the brands fit really well. The second thing I noticed was that suit doesn’t absorb water and whilst it felt heavier when I pulled it out of the bag, in the water it is just as light and flexible as my other much thinner supposed 3/2 suits. The stiffness of the material that I first felt also quickly loosened up. 

Warmth – You claim that the suit is warm. I couldn’t believe when I first saw your website that some of you guys in NZ were saying that you wear a 3/2 in winter. Now I understand. The suit is just what you say it is - it is very warm. It is practically water tight. No back flushes when I duck dive etc. It is without doubt warmer than my top of the range 4/3 Quiksilver, yet considerably more flexible and comfortable.

Quality – the quality has proved to be awesome. I surf a lot and after an entire season the suit shows no sign of any issues. To put it in perspective, I rarely get more than a season, season and a half tops, out of my other suits before they start to leak, peel up when I fall off but mainly pull apart at the chest and back pressure zones etc. Your suit is still practically like new. It currently looks like it has easily another 2-3 seasons.
Best steamer I have owned by a long way.
The $900 price tag is very confronting, and probably puts a number of people off. I was reluctant. But given the quality means it will last another couple of seasons, for me that means it becomes not much more expensive at the end of the day than the brand suits.

Pete Frazer
Cronulla Beach, Sydney


quote.gif Back in Sydney I'd get cold in my O'Neill Psycho 2 3/2mm after a couple of hours in 18º water and 10-15º air temps. And South Coast winter trips I'd be pulling on the booties when the water hit 16º. Now I surf in my Seventhwave 3mm Viper and I'm good on what I've come to call 10-10 days. That's 10º water and 10º air. I am wearing booties, gloves and a hood on these days but I'm comfortable. The booties don't come on until the water temp is well below 15º. Hood at 12º and gloves at 10º. Before I moved here (Christchurch) I was imagining a 5mm wetsuit and thinking I wouldn't surf much over winter. Now it's a whole new world. My wetsuit is so warm I'm thinking of getting a 2mm version for our summer here in Christchurch that's 18º water.

So thanks for the great product. Totally worth the money. And for all the Aussies out there, the exchange rate makes them about the same price as any other top line wetsuit, and I don't think any of them come close to being as warm.

James Gardner


quoteMy custom 3/3 Viper steamer arrived yesterday afternoon! Tried it on as soon as it arrived at the factory, where it fit like a glove. Chucked my jeans & T-shirt into the car, drove home then went surfing for two hours in clean conditions with a fresh southerly blowing at Manly.

The suit is flawless. Magnificent build and fit and very warm so those cold winter days that are coming will not be a problem.

Took me a few goes to get the chest zip to engage but after I watch the 'How To' vids a few more times I'll be fine.

I had my second 2-hour surf this morning, much smaller and inconsistent with long windy gaps between waves but did not flinch in my custom 3/3 Viper.

After yesterday's rinse and overnight drying, suit seemed to go on easier today, moulding to my body without that choking or 'squeezed in' feeling. Maybe it was the 'How to' vids that got me into it/out of it faster and easier than yesterday.

Water temps here are around 20 degrees C but slowly dipping. The winds are the pain for me but thanks to the 3mm all over, windchill not an issue now.

I know you guys must be shaking your heads going "What the.... 20ºC! He must be an Aussie....ballerina" But that's alright. I go surfing to be warm and now I will be, right through the winter, no matter where I go for a splash.

Thanks again - I'm very happy with the service, posting, delivery and most of all, the suit."

Will Burgess
Sydney, Australia

quote Love my Max 1.5 steamer. Thanks heaps guys!
It fits perfectly, kept me warm for 2 hrs this morn on our first cold winter morning. Didn't rub anywhere or get uncomfortable.
I thought it might be a bit too tight on my neck but once I was out surfing it didn't worry me at all. Ill definitely tell everyone!"

Teagin Lanca


quote After surfing and windsurfing the coast of Taranaki for 10 years we shifted to the tropical Queensland coast and learnt to kiteboard on the sandy beach's of Mackay. Wetsuits? Who needs them here? 30 degree water and air temp. Ha! Then we hear... October through to April there are: blue bottle jellies, Irukandji, marine stingers, box jelly fish and more. For this reason you need to wear protective suit.
Once we acclimatised to the tropics and dived into the freezing temperatures of winter where the water temp plummets down to around 20 degrees and you feel the need for protection. I also needed protection from being 'tea bagged and rag dolled' from the kite.
The answer came from Seventhwave.

I ordered a long sleeve Titanium Hot Top and Watershorts through the online store. This combination gave me protection from the nasty stings, warmth to get through the winter, and the Watershorts particularly gave me the protection I needed from being slammed bum first into the water.
I've used neoprene tops before and always found they were hard to get on/off and difficult to fit as they gripped and twisted around the forearms and shoulders. When I first put on the Seventhwave Titanium Hot Top it just slipped on nice and smooth. Bliss. Now into my third season and my gear is still going strong. 
Thanks to to guys and gals at Seventhwave for supplying a superior product. The purchasing transaction went very smooth and I had my gear delivered to me in Australia in no time at all."
Jason Cullen
Queensland, Australia

jason cullen small jason cullen2 small

quote Kiwis aren't too bad at stuff. You lot are the best in the world. And you don't make fun of Aussies to our face. If you look at the reasons for the super suit ban in swimming competition you will know the importance of custom fit wetsuits when it comes to swimming and body surfing.

Compression of the human body into a dolphin shape increases the efficiency of movement hugely.

I was unsure about measuring myself for a custom suit, but fortunately I was in Christchurch for a yoga intensive course so I had the opportunity to visit Seventhwave and have them take my measurements and custom requirements. I wanted a Custom-Fit wetsuit for swimming and bodysurfing, but with neoprene gloves attached to the sleeves to stop water entering the suit. The staff showed genuine interest in getting me exactly what I wanted, Janet was INTENSE about getting everything perfect. Something I have missed in buying gear for many years.

The suit works exactly how I wanted it to work and because I visited the shop and talked to the staff, I now know more about wetsuit manufacture than I ever did before.

I have already recommended this product. But more than that. In my time in Christchurch I made sure every local I came across knew that the best wetsuit maker in the world was in their town. (People were a little down at the time - after all the earthquakes)

Keep pushing the fact that cheaper brands are shit. That the takeover of wetsuit making by the Chinese is following what they did with clothes. I cry when I see brands I used to associate with NZ using NZ wool in China. The gear I have found made in NZ is so much better than anything made in other countries. This applies as much to wetsuits as anything else."

Tim Woolmer
Thirroul, NSW

Tim Woolmer small

quote I have been swimming with whales, dolphins and sea lions for nearly eight years, in waters anywhere from 16˚C to 28˚C. Eighteen months ago I purchased a MAX 2mm custom made Titanium wetsuit from Seventhwave, along with a Titanium Hot Top. Since then I have more than doubled the time I can spend in the water, even at temperatures of 16 to 20˚C. I recently added an Arctic Hood, 2mm gloves and a pair of 2mm Fin Sox. This can effectively triple my time in the water.
My Seventhwave Titanium wettie is the warmest, most comfortable suit I have ever worn. An added bonus is the after sales service at Seventhwave, which is really good.

Colleen Nacson
Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney, Australia


quote.gif I bought a MAX 2/2 shortsleeve wetsuit online and got an email pretty promptly asking for my height and weight, and if I wanted to send in the custom order form so that they could check I was getting the best size. Seventhwave also recommended that I lose the Smoothie (front rubber chest), which I agreed to and now recommend to anyone getting a new wetsuit if they have the choice (it's far less slippery). It took about 5 days for them to make it and send it off which was less then what they said, and it arrived pretty soon after.

I’ve been using the suit for over a season now and it’s still warm as toast, flexible and has had no faults! I only recently donned my full suit (different brand) since the water temp had dropped while I was away on holiday, but think I might go back to the shortarm because I got to hot and it was less flexible.

Big thanks to the fullas at Seventhwave for a great product and great service. I recommend to any Aussie’s or Kiwi’s in Australia to take advantage of the exchange rate and hook yourself one or more, coz they definitely last and maintain their flex and warmth."

Scout Gould
South Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia.


quote.gif My MAX Ti G&S ZB Steamer is awesome. My mate had the new Rip Curl HBOMB and my MAX was on par with his, except I didn't have to charge batteries after every surf! I could have stayed in the water for hours. There was almost zero water penetration, a little bit would creep up an arm or leg every now and then but that was it. No cold flush down the back which is awesome. The water temp was 9.8 degrees...

It was amazing how there was zero penetration of the cold through to my skin—I could have been sitting at home on the couch with normal clothes on, that's how comfortable I felt. Combine that with the hood and I was laughing. Crew could not believe I was only wearing a 3mm suit. Once again thanks, the suit is awesome.

Brenton Fisher
Firstflight Bodyboards

Brenton_Fisher_small.jpg Brenton_Fisher_waves_small.jpg

quote.gif I'm writing to say how well my Seventhwave-designed and made FIRSTFLIGHT wetsuit is performing—it is now the second winter that I have had it and it still fits as snug as the first day I bought it. I have had other big brand suits and by the second winter they are sloppy and sagging everywhere: I still need a can opener to get me out of mine!

Well once again thanks for the suit I'm loving it.
Brenton Fisher
Firstflight Bodyboards


quote.gif Seventhwave wetsuits are by far the best suits I have ever worn. I travel extensively around the globe on the Women's World Surfing Tour and these suits enable me to stay warm in any water the globe can throw at me. Travelling with my MAX 4x3 and 3x2 short arm I feel ready for all conditions. The suits not only keep me warm but give optimum flexibility!

It's great you can tailor your own suits — my red numbers rock. I love the fact that my suits are not mass produced and built on site in New Zealand with the best Japanese neoprene: nothing like supporting local. I can't give these suits enough praise, you really have to try one to know just how good they are!

Amee Donohoe
World Championship Tour surfer

Amee_small.jpg amee_carve.jpg

quote.gif I am very pleased with my Seventhwave custom wetsuit! I've been learning to surf and it is keeping me warm in the cold conditions we've been having. If the custom-fit service was not available online then this would have been an obstacle, but it was easy to order online with good follow up. I like that the suit is made to measure and I was able to ask for specific designs, colour etc and it was interpreted the way I wanted. My suit is handmade (artisan) and fits like a glove!

Great service and follow up — it feels good to be wearing a good quality and respected wetsuit that not everyone else in the water is wearing. Thanks for your great product!"

Nicole Ireland
NSW, Australia


quote.gif I love my Seventhwave wetsuits, they are so warm: when I'm out in the water with my mates they are freezing in their 3x2 big name brand suits and I have my 2x2 Seventhwave suit on and so toastie. I've tried a lot of brands of suits and I think the quality of the Seventhwave suits is the best, from the kneepads to the neoprene."
Michael van der Klooster, owner and shaper
VANDA Surfboards
Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

vanda_reo_small.jpg Vanda_red3.jpg
quote.gif Seventhwave stitched me up with my first custom wettie in 2009 and since then Paul has been onto me to write a blog/testimonial/sales pitch. I thought it was premature as my experience going back a few years is that wetties may last three winters max but usually two.

Well here we are going into the 5th winter for my Viper 3/3 and with the addition of the Titanium Hot Top I am toastie in 12º water and air down to 0º.

So here is my take on what’s good about Seventhwave wetsuits and of course why I am such a tragic kiwiphile!

Background is that I live in Tasmania and some say I am the oldest bodyboarder around which is not really true but close.
Here are some pics of local waves:
Pemberton1 Pemberton2

I found Seventhwave through the Isolated web site and I also found the southern part of the South Island.
Last year my son, Joe, and I stopped off in Christchurch to pick up custom Max wetsuits – he got a hooded version and I got a special 4/4/3 – that is legs in 4mm.  Well we had a ripper of a time so this year we did the first ever Pemberton Family Vacation outside of Tassie to celebrate Karmen’s Birthday and to do quality control on all those Kiwi beers (that’s a whole another blog)."
Here are some kiwi pics.
Pemberton3 Pemberton4

John Pemberton
Tasmania, Australia

John Mansfield
Peter Frazer

James Gardner
Will Burgess
Teagin Lanca
Jason Cullen
Tim Woolmer
Colleen Nacson
Scott Gould
Brenton Fisher
Amee Donohoe
Nicole Ireland
Vanda - Michael Van Der Klooster
John Pemberton


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